14 thoughts on “Governor Noem makes statement on failure of HB 1217 to pass”

  1. A sad day for female athletes in South Dakota. A Governor bullied by out of state woke corporations and a legislature failing to do whats right. Have never been so disappointed in the leadership of this state. What will Amazon and the NCAA demand of us next?

    1. Agreed, very sad. I feel bad for all the female athletes that may lose out on our state’s government’s inability to act. Very disappointed Noem caved to everyone.

      1. Noem is being criticized for “caving” to the NCAA by hypocrites who claim to have all sorts of higher principles but would never, in a million years, advocate that the Board of Regents withdraw our state’s colleges and universities from the NCAA.

    2. Remember guys/gals, that a vast majority of the House voted for 1217, as well as the majority of the senate. House leadership was for it, senate leadership not for it. So I hope you would be selective in your disappointment.

  2. Read her Executive order. What more do girl athletes need? Be specific?

    It is clear we need to read the bills and not trust the sponsors.

    1. you mean the Eos that violate the current law and recommend action to the BOR…those 2 worthless EOs??

      violating the law and constitutional regularly…what is wrong with Noem

    2. Troy we are all ticked because Noem is doing what Democrats do—

      they don’t care about the process or what Const/statutes mean if they don’t serve her purpose.

      1. How can anyone say that was a proper style or form veto? Can you?
      2. Was it a Veto? Noem would not even acknowledge it was a veto?
      3. They she issues two EOs , one of which violates current law and the other is a recommendation. Sure looks like everything us Republicans have been criticizing Biden about, but here Noem does it. That is acceptable to you?

    1. We have gone to basketball games, volleyball and track meets to watch our grandkids and did not see any boys dominating in girls sports. What conference is this happening in?

      1. That’s the point. There aren’t any boys dominating or even playing girls sports. This issue is more about political grandstanding than a real problem that needs to be solved.

        1. Bingo. It bears repeating: this bill is a solution in search of a problem and is nothing more than naked self-aggrandizement by legislators in Pierre who either have too much free time, an inability to assess data and risk, or both.

  3. Just as I suspected. Nothing specific on what is wrong and/or missing from the Executive Orders.

    Just a fight about process.

    Three other comments for clarity:

    1) Let’s remember we got here because the Legislature said “We are a co-equal branch and we got this.” So they drafted this overly broad and intrusive atrocity requiring the Governor to do as she did.

    2) While not a Constitutional expert, I too wonder if the Style and Form Veto wasn’t beyond what is permissible. But of course, determination of this is the purview of the Supreme Court. Not you, not me, not the House, and not the Governor. And, because of how it rolled out, it is now a moot point.

    3) Read #1. It is clear leaving the Legislature to its own devices to properly vette and draft bills without Governor input is naive. So after all this, we are where we are.

    People can move past what happened this past month and begin a dialogue to deal with it or leave it to the Governor to solve it alone.

    Sour grapes and whining does nothing and the people expect more of their elected officials.

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