Guest Column: Which one of the four would you vote for by State Rep. Tim Goodwin

Which one of the four would you vote for?
by State Rep. Tim Goodwin

Greetings!  Let’s start off with a big “Whew!” as the election is over.  Some states are still tabulating which makes no sense to me.  In South Dakota we do not have our voting machines hooked up to the internet, so it is IMPOSSIBLE to hack the voting machines.  A hard copy of the ballot is kept on hand and can be audited at any time.  The voting machines are just a faster automated way of tabulating the votes.

Listed are four areas we could implement the extra revenue South Dakota is realizing, basically from a booming economy.  Of course, the conservative point of view is that if extra taxes are collected over and above what was budgeted, the excess tax should go back to the taxpayers.  The other view is to grow government.  So, here are the 4 areas where we could use the extra tax dollars.

  1. Eliminate tax on groceries.
  2. Eliminate video lottery.
  3. Pay for Medicaid expansion.
  4. Reduce home assessment values by $100 thousand.

Let’s go through each one, shall we?

  1. Eliminate tax on groceries.  Some call this food tax, but that would include restaurants.  The estimated $100 million is counting only groceries.  One question I always ask when some group approaches me about eliminating grocery tax is, “Why do you want to do this?”  The answer I’ve always received was, “because of the poor people.”  OK, fair enough.  However, poor people don’t pay tax on groceries, and for that matter, get their groceries for free via food stamps, now called EBT cards.
  2. Eliminate video lottery. Yep, the video lottery casinos on every corner.  Not Deadwood.  Just the casinos that have video lottery machines.  The state gets 50% of the profit and the proprietor gets the remaining 50%.  I just have a hard time with our state running on losses from those who can least afford it.  That being those addicted to video lottery.  This is dirty money (in my opinion) and could be eliminated with this extra revenue.
  3. Pay for Medicaid expansion. Yep, this was a ballot measure that passed in the General Election.  Initially, there are federal funds, but eventually, as early as next year, the federal government is going to pull the rug out from under the states, making each state responsible for funding Medicaid expansion.
  4. Reduce home assessment values by $100 thousand. This, again, is about $100 million.  I included this one in here because of the Summer Study on Property Tax.  The committee came up with this solution.  I personally would like to eliminate Property Tax totally with a usage tax, but that’s an article by itself in the future.

The 50-dollar question is, “If it was up to you, which one of the four would you vote for?”  You can email me at [email protected].  Just pick 1, 2, 3, or 4.  If you want to explain your reasoning, that would be great, but not necessary.

To the citizens of South Dakota and to the men and women in uniform, in honor of all who served, in respectful memory of all who fell, and in great appreciation to those who serve today, Thank You, for giving me the opportunity to represent you.

Representative Tim R. Goodwin
District 30
Majority Whip
Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired

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    1. Agreed! This is the guy that said in public he could run in any county in the state and win. He could not win in his own district! By the way Tiny Tim, not all the poor people are on EBT. There are many who do not endorse Socialism and either go without, buy cheaper food or get another job to help cover the cost of groceries and other necessities.

  1. The proprietors get only 12 to 25 % depending on the contract with the company’s that own and service the machines.

  2. Interesting childish comments above. Here are some facts for you: SD is addicted to video lottery and taking that $120 million off the table will result in cuts which could be good if your needs are not affected or bad depending on what is cut. North Dakota groceries without food taxed are equal in price to SD groceries so we can cut the tax on food and corporate America will raise prices on all food goods to reach surrounding States average prices. Assessments are all subject to interpretation of assumed sales prices included in actual valuations while Ag land has all that and productivity included with soil types and actual use now in statute. Where is Ag lands cut in taxes?
    Medicaid expansion will absolutely cost taxpayers money while forcing many to jump on the Medicaid wagon or not have health insurance.
    FYI I’d vote no on all right now until we cut overall SD Government by 5% a year to cover it all. Without that we WILL be in a structural deficit again sometime.

  3. Childish comments are the rule here today is true. They can’t articulate the facts so they smear the messenger. I can’t say that I could vote for any of these character assassins, but then again, you never see them expose themselves to the public. They just snipe from obscurity.

  4. thanks for your awesome perspective rep goodwin. i am so glad to have your thoughts on these and other issues. yours is the most clear, pragmatic and just plain smart voice in the whole south dakota conservative continuum. it was very hard to watch you lose your primary by the narrow margin you lost. you are still greatly needed. re: your list – we’re going to fiddle and fumble around until paying for medicaid eliminates the other options. keep writing and speaking sir.

  5. How about we also consider cuts in state spending, not just tax cuts. We could stop policing so many things, that would save money. We could then reduce some of the staff associated with policing opinions. We could cut the prison population down, maybe not build that new prison. We could stop with so many incentives going out from the GOED, we have enough jobs here already, our unemployment is less that 3% in most locations. A tax break for Amazon….come on. We could make landowners (not just city dwellers) pay property tax too, despite what your family farmers are complaining about, they actually do make money. A state plane isn’t really needed, I work all over the state, and don’t have a plane, and get by just fine. When I have to travel out of state, I fly commercial. State agencies can subcontract more work out, the state staff seems to keep growing, should support more local business anyway. We should look at solutions to the problem from all perspectives.

    1. It sounds like you don’t think there are property taxes on ag land. Is that what you’re suggesting?

  6. Tim, it appears you just ‘woke’ up as Medicaid enhancement can’t be one of your options anymore-the people of SD took that away from the one- party powered legislature because -simply put-they wouldn’t do it. Right? Even tho, your GOP sneakily tried to kill the initiative by a June primary vote for a 60% requirement for the people to pass laws.

    It’s legislators like you that SD needs be wary of.

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