Halloween Hobo Day in 2020? That could be challenging.

If you hadn’t heard, the debris has hardly been removed and South Dakota State University is proposing that in 2020, Hobo Day festivities take place on October 31 – Halloween.

I mean, what could go wrong?

Hobo Day 2019 is just past, but the public is already in an uproar over Hobo Day 2020 falling on Halloween.

Some have made comments on social media, and some have contacted South Dakota State University directly to voice their concerns, primarily about safety.


Youngsters are out and about on Halloween, knocking on doors for candy and having a fun time. Hobo Day weekend tends to bring more calls to the police due to intoxication and house parties, among other activities.

Brookings Police reported this week that it received roughly 200 more calls for service over Hobo Day weekend compared to the regular weekend that preceded it.

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There is a LOT of younger kid oriented activity happening on Oct 31… when there isn’t a foot of snow. But in Hobo Days defense, most of the hard drinking happens the night before, although plenty goes on in the run up to the game.

I suspect what they are unhappy about is that it could potentially spill over into the next night when kids are out in force in the neighborhoods. I’m not sure that a happy medium can be found, especially for families living within walking distance/in the vicinity of the SDSU campus.

There is also the family factor. Hobo day activities, especially the parade are family centric, You have those families with younger kids who attend the parade and game from out of town. They may be forced to choose between traveling for Hobo Day, and skipping Halloween in their local area, depending on distances they have to travel.

Lots to consider. Your thoughts?