Have you filled out your “Bankruptcy Bracket” yet?

Kristi Noem is asking her followers on social media to fill out their “Bankruptcy Brackets,” so they know what they’re in for if either Hillary or Bernie get into office!
Kristi for CongressBoth Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have impressive plans…to bankrupt our nation.

If either one of them wins the White House, you will lose. Period.

That is why — in the spirit of the Sweet 16 — I’ve launched my Bankruptcy Bracket to vote on which of their ideas would be most harmful to our nation.

Take a moment to fill out a bracket now and share your thoughts on who has the more dangerous policy ideas.

Complete Your Bracket!Will Hillary’s $735+ billion in new spending win the bracket? Or, will Bernie’s $19.6 trillion in new taxes be the Cinderella story this year?

Fill out my Bankruptcy Bracket today and let’s end the liberal tax and spend madness!

– Kristi

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