Hawks makes last minute plea for $5

From my mailbox, as shared by a reader, comes Paula Hawks’ newest plea for money:

 My thought on this…. $5?  She’s asking for $5? 

She does recognize that it’s a race for Congress, and not the state legislature?

Why do I think this first report of hers (which we’ll see about the 15th or so) is going to be brutal?

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  1. Troy Jones

    If she doesn’t report $100K, she is done. Can anyone name a person who has run for a major statewide office since the 1980’s who didn’t report $100K out of the chute? There is none.

    I feel strongly that if a candidate doesn’t have 100 friends who would commit to raise $1,000 in the candidates name, the candidate doesn’t have the breadth and depth of support to be successful. The friend can raise $1,000 at $5 a clip or $500 it doesn’t matter. What this measure proves is two things:

    1) The candidate has deeply committed supporters.
    2) The supporters are of a leadership position in their circles to spread the word and develop momentum.

  2. crossgrain

    The 99% can’t afford to buy politicians. The fact that y’all are celebrating this fact is puzzling. Whipping up fear of Iran, of abortion, of immigrants, and on and on has you voting against your own interests. Haven’t you ever wondered how a magician’s trick works? Or did you think it was actually magic?

    1. Anonymous

      The fact that ya’ll are giving 100 billion to the terrorist regime of Iran, are killing babies, and have no desire to control our borders to protect our sovereignty and on and on has you Democrats ruining the country and making the world a worse place. Thanks for nothing, Democrats, and I think my children and the next generation will thank you for nothing but a country with less security, higher debt, and less freedom that at any time in our history. Thanks, crossedbrain.

      1. crossgrain

        You’re right. Should have just let Iran continue to develop their nuclear program unchecked. Could’ve had ol’ NetanYahoo! just bomb them for us. Good plan.

        1. springer

          Uh, they can still develop their nuclear program unchecked because there is no effective check on it. Iran can do their own checks, deny checks, and delay checks; we are just supposed to trust them!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, Hawks! Boehner is out because he wasn’t a true conservative leader; we need new conservative leadership, not the socialist type that you and Ricky Weiland espouse. Call it a day and go back to wherever it is you came from.


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