11 thoughts on “I think the Argus has a point they’re trying to make”

  1. one has to give the Argus credit for following all the leads and evidence and smells coming from this corrupt office, and they were proved right. They had great sources in the office.

    1. I agree to some degree having this tried/litigated in public may be heavy on innuendo because we can’t judge the veracity or corroboration of many of the charges which makes the article one-sided.

      That is why I keep going back to the County Commission. Where were they? What did they know? When did they know it? Do they even have a clue? If they had been doing their job, they could have snuffed out the innuendo if it isn’t true or confirmed it if it was true. Until then, it looks like the County Commission dereliction and/or cover-up deserves some scrutiny.

      1. The County Commission doesn’t have legal authority to remove him, but they do control the budget for the office and as such, certainly have a legitimate interest in his performance and his behaviors, particularly if those behaviors put the county at risk for litigation. If I was a commissioner, I would be asking questions, even if they were in executive session.

    1. LOL……Tom before I give an honest opinion, I would like to talk to Aaron. I just have a hard time with this turf war. I am all for forgiveness, redemption, and a second chance. I love come backs.

  2. Anyone with any character at all would resign after that report was released.

  3. I think maybe the Mid Central Gear-Up money laundering scheme should be opened-up. Or how about the Brady Folkens death at Star Academy for starters. Did Aaron launder any money from the state?

  4. lol………I think he is prosecuting and giving the death penalty to thousands of South Dakotan’s that are using CBD oil and drinking hemp protein. That hemp lotion will give you a skin addiction.

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