In addition to begging for dollars, Ann Tornberg’s big plan is to ask people to run at the same time.

Give Democrats five bucks, and run as a Democrat for the legislature.  That’s two losing propositions for Democrats, yet, the state Democrat Party is asking that of their e-mail list in their latest, awful e-mail fundraising appeal in what seems to be continuous and weekly (weakly?) rounds of begging for dollars:


From: “Ann Tornberg” <>
Date: December 3, 2015
Subject: It starts NOW!

Day 3
Candidate Recruitment for the 2016 election starts NOW!

The South Dakota Democratic Party’s dedicated staff, officers, and volunteers are making an all-out effort to recruit 105 legislative candidates for 2016. While it won’t be an easy task, fielding candidates in all 35 legislative districts must be a priority! Here are five reasons why:

1) Each time we leave GOP incumbents unchallenged, we invite them to dump significant financial support into other legislative races where they see viable Democratic competition.

2) Each time we give GOP a “free pass” in a legislative race, we give Democrats in that District absolutely no reason to show up to vote, or perhaps even worse: Democrats and Independents start to get comfortable voting for a Republican because that is their only option.

3) Voters will turn out in a Presidential Election year. The 40 year history of voting patterns in South Dakota promises that 2016 turnout will be between a 72-78%. The Mid-term elections in 2014 had a 54% voter turnout and 2010 was 52%.

4) I sincerely believe that we are at a tipping point yearning for balance in the South Dakota legislature. One party rule has led to multiple examples of corruption, cover up, unethical behavior, tragedy of the worst degree, and finally the media seems to be paying attention. This could be our time! And,

5) Recruiting 105 legislative candidates means South Dakota Democrats are serious about bringing balance to the legislature!

Won’t you help us achieve this goal? Consider running yourself, recommend great Democrats, and encourage them to run.

Contribute to our efforts today and watch your investment pay off for a generation of South Dakotans.

Donate $5
Donate $10
Donate $15
Donate $20
Donate $2015


Ann Tornberg,

Paid for by the South Dakota Democratic Party. ( Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Did they actually sling that BS with straight faces?

It’s kind of like them claiming that they have a challenger for John Thune. It’s a lot of talk. But there’s no substance behind it, as the days keep ticking away. We’re long past them coming up with a viable candidate who has the basic commodity of time to raise the millions of dollars it takes to run a US Senate Campaign.

Now, they’re even running out of time to raid the nursing homes for a candidate as they’re apt to do!

But, a couple of counter points to Ann’s plea for help.

*Yes, it’s going to be a presidential year with a big turnout. And it’s going to be a bad, bad year for Democrats in the state which is among the top two or three where President Obama is the least popular.

*The Democrats continue to try to politicize the unfortunate deaths of people for political purposes. It was lower than low when Lora Hubbel did it. It’s not going to turn out any better for Ann Tornberg trying to run her political party’s campaign efforts on people’s graves, either.

*When Tornberg claims Republicans will “dump significant financial support into other legislative races where they see viable Democrat competition,” she’s missing a big point.

There actually has to be “viable Democrat competition.”

Because that’s kind of like going Jackalope hunting. There might be legends, and samples preserved in faux taxidermy.. but try to find “viable Democrat competition.”  You can look all darn day, and you aren’t going to find any.  And the new monthly figures from the Secretary of State show that on December 1st, SD Dems lost another 1,119 registered voters.

The problem for Democrats is that in their hard movement leftward into liberalism, they left South Dakotans behind.  They can beg for money and candidates all they want. But as we approach the campaign season, it isn’t looking good for Ann Tornberg, Obama’s cheerleader in the state.

The Democrat Party is running out of time, out of money, out of candidates, and taken all together, we can assume they’ll also be out of luck.

19 Replies to “In addition to begging for dollars, Ann Tornberg’s big plan is to ask people to run at the same time.”

    1. Anonymous

      I think it’s humorous when I click into the story to read the comments that to the left of the headline ‘In addition to begging for dollars …’ is an ad for the Augie Republicans CPAC begging for donations so they can go on a trip. Let the hairsplitting begin.

      1. Pat Powers

        There’s more than a bit of difference between me putting up a go fund me badge for a college organization raising money for an educational trip, and a political party trying to survive.

        1. Anonymous

          That depends on one’s point of view. Your view is ‘spin’ and BS. Creating a GoFundMe page is no different than begging. Kudos for splitting hairs though.

  1. Anonymous

    The state dems need to recruit anyone with a heartbeat from the minimum age to run to the nursing homes. money? check around the house for coins lost in the couch, pop cans or old pots and pans for scrap.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    Pat, it’s clear you don’t hunt much. Jackelope our only hunted in eastern Pennington County (near Wall) and maybe they allegedly range into western Jones County. In the rest of the state, their quixotic journey is much more like an evening snipe hunt. Have them post photos

    1. bret clanton

      Lee, Pat neither one of you hunt much. How about some info on the 18.5 million dollar lawsuit the state is currently facing…..

  3. Troy Jones

    This is atrocious.

    1- #4 &#5 are the same thing. Were they once together but they wanted five points? Or, did they pause in drafting and forget the already addressed balance? Inquiring minds want to know.

    2- What we think of a coach who said “we need to get to .500? That is what balance sounds like.

    3- I get a little red meat but there needs to be some basic veggies. Yes, they ran down the GOP but can you find a reason to vote Dem vs. Indy in the letter besides “balance.”

    This is like getting fired to go from SF to RC for a football game. Then right before you go you hear all the Srs. and Jrs. got. kicked off and you will be playing the Sophs. Makes you want to stay home.

    Eureka!! That might be their strategy. Appear to be wholly incompetent, have no money, and run no viable candidates. Dang, those Dems are a well-oiled machine.

  4. crossgrain

    *Yes, it’s going to be a presidential year with a big turnout. And it’s going to be a bad, bad year for Democrats in the state which is among the top two or three where President Obama is the least popular

    Wait… Obama is running again?

    1. Anonymous

      You don’t understand the concept that the outgoing President’s popularity or lack thereof impacts those running in the cycle who are of his party? You aren’t very bright, harebrain. Get out of your parents’ basement and get a little sun.

  5. springer

    His policies still are in the form of Hillary and what he has left in place via executive orders etc. When the Dems decide to move away from their socialist agenda nationally, then the Dems in the state might have a chance to regain their status as a viable party here.

    1. Anonymous

      Do you think the Dem party as a national party is likely to move away from their headlong scramble to implement socialism, springer? I wish it were true, but they don’t seem to be that intelligent, and their hatred for personal responsibility and the rights of the individual is only getting stronger.

  6. Anonymous

    105 legislative candidates for 2016? Really? Where are they going to get them from? Would their recruits include Haber, Bosworth, Hubbel, Hickey, Gaddy, Stacey, Tara Volesky, Kory and and a few recruited to move back to SD such as Krazy Larry, Porter and others? They could really have a mixed can of NUTS for 2016.

  7. Anonymous

    One would think they would have tried to recruit a little more privately; someone calling someone to encourage them to run and not sound so desperate in their need for candidates….

  8. Clarity

    Both my parents just decided they had enough with the SD Democratic party. They got a phone call from some folks telling them where the party was going and they checked out a few links and sites as advised and they had enough! No wonder they are going in the tank!


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