Is 1/2 cent increase for education already losing support among legislators?

The Argus Leader has a blurb this morning wondering if the Governor’s 1/2 cent increase in education proposal is already in trouble, based on the statements of one of the plan’s authors; State Senator Deb Soholt:

SOHOLT_DEB_2015Sen. Deb Soholt, R-Sioux Falls, told reporter Dana Ferguson last week that it was too “premature” to predict her support for a tax increase that would be pivotal to the recommended overhaul of South Dakota’s 20-year-old funding model.

You might recognize Soholt’s name. It’s on the report that served as the basis for the governor’s plan. It was signed near the top, not far from the words: “we believe that it is now time to act.”

The senator spent months co-chairing the task force that eventually filed a report to the governor last year.

So, when we’re talking about those other school funding what-ifs, what if one of the key authors of Daugaard’s plan is already prevaricating like a politician?

Read it here.

Do you think this could mean the votes are not there?

7 Replies to “Is 1/2 cent increase for education already losing support among legislators?”

  1. Pondering

    You could reduce spending somewhere else to increase Education spending. What is the next largest budget item? Medicaid?

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    If you are working for Minnesotans put the increase over the whole year. If you are working for South Dakotans put the increase over May, June, July, August, September & October and double it. Same outcome different payer ratio.

    1. Anonymous

      You mean Charles Hoffman, The type of taxes that conservatives hate.. the kind that tax those without representation? Republicans believe in personal responsibility, how would that be the case trying to rob visitors to SD?

      How about SD’s Republicans take a hard look at where every penny is being spent, look for ways to cut government, and use those savings to address shortfalls.

      What good is it to give schools more money if they are going to pay already high paid administrators more, or squirrel it away in often already bloated school accounts?

  3. Michael Wyland

    There is the perfect “out” clause in the Blue Ribbon report. They said that all recommendations were/are interrelated and that they must all be implemented. Theoretically, neglect just one and the whole thing falls apart. Personally, I hope the structure isn’t that rickety, but the report’s authors say that it is.

  4. Feasant

    Why raise more than needed? Only raise enough to raise teachers salaries. No building gyms, etc. Pay teachers more and don’t tax me one extra dime!


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