Jackley hosting Town Hall in Aberdeen Tomorrow

Republican Candidate for Governor Marty Jackley is hosting a Town Hall in Aberdeen tomorrow from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Best Western Ramkota Theater. Check it out!

6 Replies to “Jackley hosting Town Hall in Aberdeen Tomorrow”

  1. Jake

    I hope it is not live streamed I am against live streaming the events I want people to get out there and actually go see it don’t sit in your living room and not participate you need to get up off your butt and go to an event…. let’s get fired up in 18

    1. KM

      Lots of other priorities, Jake. I have kids, should I bring them? Will I be back in time to pick my oldest up from school? I live 3.5hrs away from Aberdeen. I do go to events, when they’re closer to home. We enjoyed the GOP Freedom event in Sioux Falls, would like to see another put on.

      This town hall is going to be good and I’d like to watch.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    But if you come to Eureka tonight you get Borscht Kettle soup and sandwiches while spending an evening with Marty and friends. 5PM to 7PM, Banquet Hall Wolff Den, Eureka.
    And you can have an adult beverage to go with it.


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