Just in time for Earth Day – Yankton County Commission endorses Keystone XL

Hey – great Earth Day news. The Yankton County Commission, recognizing that transport by pipeline is far safer than truck or train, is endorsing the Keystone XL Pipeline’s construction. According to WNAX:

The Yankton County Commission passed a resolution in support of Trans Canada and the Keystone XL pipeline.

Mark Johnson, with Trans Canada, says they are looking for backing in advance of the next round of hearings on the re-certification of the XL route before the Public Utilities Commission next month…

Read (And listen to) it here.

7 thoughts on “Just in time for Earth Day – Yankton County Commission endorses Keystone XL”

  1. Machs nichts, anonym. OPEC has shut down the oil drilling rigs in USA and can sell China all they need at under $20 bbl. Happy Earth Day is right, Koch Bros. (the largest foreign investor in Alberta tar-sludge). Love it when you take a billion dollar hit in your wallets. PS … has Trans-Canada reapplied for the 6,000 work visas for the skilled Canadian workers they’re bringing down to USA to do the high paid jobs on “The Black Snake”? Lots of American shovel handed laborers need a minimum wage job for a few months. Those would be the only jobs for USA citizens.

  2. … nostalgia – I fondly remember the first Earth Day at Watertown High when we walked out of class for a celebration behind the arena and buried a time capsule. The words are still pertinent today. “BURNING COAL AND GASOLINE KILLS FISH and WILDLIFE!” #NoAcidRainClouds

    1. Are you soon to start to boycott any products made with oil? Such as ball point pens, calculators, cell phones, lifejackets, baby aspirin, first aid kits, and chap stick; just to name a few.

    2. And burning expensive Colorado pot in your hookah also kills fish, wildlife, and brain cells.

      Your post is jibberish.


      (I’ll let you have the last word)

  3. Move to a third world country if you believe the hype. Leave our economy and our check-books alone here. Your ideology stinks of #thenuttyprof

  4. “Move to a third world country if you believe the hype”

    The irony is, of course, that third world countries are the largest polluters around.

    The way to clean up the world’s environment is to export CAPITALISM.

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