Lobbyist who defended & promoted IM22 this past session now co-chairing ballot measure committee

The South Dakota chapter of the RepresentUs group who championed the unconstitutional Initiated Measure 22 (which was replaced with reforms that were actually legal by the legislature this pas session), has filed a ballot committee in anticipation of promoting a ballot measure for the 2018 election.

And curiously, the former legislator/lobbyist they hired to represent the group during the past legislative session, Mitch Richter, was named as the ballot committee’s co-chair in a filing made on April 7th:

Richter, a former Republican State legislator was the lobbyist who represented the following clients during the past session…

… represents an unusual choice for the group, who as part of their reforms went after alleged problems with lobbyist gifts as part of the measure:

Which begs the question of whether or not Richter will respond to questions of whether as a legislator he received “secret unlimited gifts” as the proponents of IM22 claimed, or how many “secret unlimited gifts” he made to legislators as a lobbyist… as the pro-IM22 proponents claimed.

Before it’s language is even presented to the people, the Represent South Dakota Ballot Measure Committee may have created a conundrum for itself right out of the gate.

2 Replies to “Lobbyist who defended & promoted IM22 this past session now co-chairing ballot measure committee”

  1. chief

    Solberg and Richter : two of the absolute most liberal political activists in SD. I would stay as far away as possible from anything they promoted !

  2. Anon

    Was it ever determined if Rick Weiland is directly, indirectly or at all connected with this group?