Lori Stacey, the Robot Bee Lady Strikes back and announces that Constitution Party transgressors will be banned!

Sorry for the light posting last couple of days – I’ve been working on a project in the garage, because apparently I’d rather try to build something in a sweatbox and be bit by flies than be behind my computer in air-conditioned comfort.

While I’ve been toiling away, apparently the Constitution Party’s leader and affecionado of robot bees, Lori Stacey, has issued an official edict repudiating the actions of National Chair Frank Fluckinger, and is handing out lifetime bans from the South Dakota Constitution Party to those who have transgressed against it!

… any claim by Frank Fluckiger that Lori Stacey has been removed from office as State Chairman are absolutely false! Even if he had the authority to do so, according to Robert’s Rules of Order, due process would have needed to be followed in order to bring about any type of disciplinary action. Lori Stacey was instead given zero due process to address any of the blatantly false allegations from a National Chairman that didn’t have the authority to do so.

He has now recently doubled-down and written a letter to Secretary Krebs with a new sack of lies!


The facts are actually the opposite of public claims. There was no evidence as of the date of convention of Lora Hubbel filing the proper documentation to have ever become State Chairman in 2016, after her election.

According to eyewitnesses attending convention, after the first failed illegal scheme would not work to make Lora Hubbel the State Chairman and allow Gordon Howie to quickly later assume the position, plan B was to have Vice Chairman Joel Bergan lead the convention in the real State Chairman Lori Stacey’s absence. After frustration of the chaos and Joel being ill-prepared for the task, he publicly resigned and abandoned the convention. He was supposed to be submitting a formal letter of resignation which has not been received. Statements are being gathered by those that witnessed his public resignation.

Now, the perpetrators of this illegal conspiracy to take over control of the Constitution Party of South Dakota have moved onto a plan C to somehow recognize Joel Bergan as State Chairman, pulled out from the ashes!  Any meetings or a state convention by the perpetrators of these illegitimate activities must cease and desist any further actions. Any candidates participating in an illegitimate second state party orchestrated by these individuals are wasting their time and money. Their nominations will not be honored.

All those that have participated in this illegal assault on our party and caused irreparable damages to the party, its candidates and its rightful leadership, will be subject to a lifetime ban from seeking nomination for any public or party office with the Constitution Party of South Dakota. That list, so far, is as follows: Lora Hubbel, Gordon Howie, Joel Bergan and G. Matt Johnson. Additional names will likely be added.

Read it all here.

Darn it!  It sounds like Constitution Party National Chair Frank is flucking around with Lori Stacey, and trying to usurp her authority!   Can you really ban someone from registering a political affiliation at their county Auditor’s office? Lets see how that works, because if she’s successful, I’m going to start a list.

But the bigger issue is that I’ve already told them that Republicans don’t want Lora Hubbel back! And we definitely aren’t much interested in her fellow party switcher Gordon Howie, either.

I’ve called no givebacks, so Lori has to keep them. I mean it!

Back to the garage. (Now what happens when you touch that red wire to the black wire….?)

13 thoughts on “Lori Stacey, the Robot Bee Lady Strikes back and announces that Constitution Party transgressors will be banned!”

  1. banned from the Constitution Party…h how would anyone ever go on in life (sarcasm)

    1. In 1996, Pat Buchanan upset Bob Dole in the New Hampshire presidential primary and three caucus states while running on a platform nearly identical to the platform of the Constitution Party. Then Buchanan publicly declared he’d seek the Constitution Party nomination for president if Dole selected a pro-abortion running mate. There are many possible reasons to associate with the party besides mental illness.

  2. I don’t have a dog in this fight and a fight it seems to be, I careless about what happens in the Constitution party. That being said, enough studies have been conducted and innocent people convicted of crimes they didn’t commit to know that eyewitness testimony is not as reliable as some think (Wells & Olson 2003) (Elizabeth Loftus).

    If people are going to be banned for life, that decision shouldn’t be weighed to heavily on eyewitness testimony.

  3. Ms. Hubbel is indeed the establishment politician. I, grudznick, also wished to be banned for life from the Constitution Party until I saw this Howite of Gordantic proportions was indeed banned for life, as is the insaner Mr. Howie, who is also a tax cheat. I do not wish to join them, so I no longer aspire to be banned for life from the Constitution Party.

  4. Sure hope they do not get into a gun fight at their convention. Lot’s of craziness over there.

  5. So last night I’m sittin’ Across a table from a registered Constitution Party member, telling him about the convention he had heard nothing about, how he absolutely has to go to both conventions and report back to me, and showing him the email I got yesterday, (which I am surprised hasn’t resulted in a separate post on this blog) and his response was
    “I’m a member of the Constitution Party; why do you know all about this and I haven’t heard a thing?”
    In addition to all their other problems, the Insane Clown Posse doesn’t even have a working mailing list.

    1. Members of the constitution party…you found one of the 500…that is a rarity!

      I’d be more interested in why they even waste their time with a group that has NO chance of success anywhere

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