Mike Rounds Fundraising Luncheon in Sioux Falls on November 22nd

US Senator Mike Rounds is being hosted for a fundraising lunch on November 22nd – and not an insignificant lunch at $1000 suggested donation per couple.  And there are a few familiar names on the list such as former Governor Dennis & Linda Daugaard,  Miles & Lisa Beacom, Dr. Blake & Debbie Curd, Dana & LaDawn Dykhouse, former Lt. Gov Steve Kirby, and the list goes on..

I think we’re at around 30k raised just from the hosts.

Lots of campaign to go and Senator Rounds hasn’t even made it official yet.

Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Mike Rounds Fundraising Luncheon in Sioux Falls on November 22nd”

  1. Do you think these same people who are on everyone’s fundraising invites ever get tired of being the donors in SD?

  2. This is an impressive list of leaders in our state. Quite a contrast to Borglum’s 2 South Dakota donors.

    1. Yep, Tara, they raise lots of money, don’t they? No wonder Dems can’t figure out how to win an election (or run a party). Ain’t figured out the money thing.

  3. I like the Trump working class blue collars that use to be Democrats. That’s who he appeals to. The Chamber of Commerce and Koch Brother organizations such as Americans for Prosperity do like his trade and immigration policies. Very few Republican establishment in SD supported Trump in the primary. After he won they had no other choice.

  4. He’s been more conservative as our senator than Borglum even pretends to be in the house. And he’s got a war chest to scare away any legitimate Dem opposition. So why are we primarying him again?

    1. Maybe because he has no accomplishments… where is the legislation he passed?

      Maybe because he ran on getting rid of the department of education.. sure seems to be there last I checked with a token effort at best to get rid of it.

      Shall I go on….

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