And why does anyone have TikTok on their phone at this point?

14 thoughts on “And why does anyone have TikTok on their phone at this point?”

  1. Go ahead and ban Tik Tok to prevent spying. How many Lenovo computers are in homes, schools, businesses, federal, state, county and city offices?

    1. We’re running Raspberry Pi, not because they are so much more secure, but because they are low power the surveillance capabilities are diminished.

      When Pi releases the 5, it will be over for them since the push to do this, in my opinion, was not to make a faster computer for consumers, but to make a faster illegal spying device for un-trusting, uninformed, deep state morons who have more money and computer hardware than brains.

    2. Yeah, Lenovo is the only one up to these shenanigans… Folks, online privacy is dead. TikTok is doing nothing more than EVERY OTHER ONLINE CONTENT PROVIDER. Let me introduce you to room 641A – google it. If you do anything online, its logged. Just don’t do stupid things. Welcome to the online-super connected world. Oh, btw – this was put in place during the GW Bush years.

      1. correct on all counts. you can’t blithely trust these things, but you can’t go off the deep end with all the conspiracy theories out there either. the systems you hate are also, most of the time, the place where you got the data that sent you off in the wrong direction to begin with. sort it out hey.

  2. So the CEO admitted that he is paid by the parent company? Wait til he finds out Mark Zuckerberg is paid by Meta, not Facebook. And what is this? The parent company runs tik tok? Wait til he finds out sams club is run by Walmart. The CEO admitted to spying on Americans? In the words of the OJ lawyers, “release the tapes!” He did not say that.

    They seem to be targeting one specific company when several are selling data to anyone that’ll pay up. The TikTok case will have to be much better to convince me.

    1. Clearly this person has coveted the false for a long time, and they have people in their family/network that trusted their advice.

      Now, there is great incentive to deny deny deny.

  3. This is such an insane issue. Ban it if it’s spying.

    The political pandering is thick.

  4. Congress is incompetent. No one has any faith in them to act. He says they are spying on Americans for a foreign government and yet nothing happens.

  5. I don’t care much or for this TikTok company or Facebook or any of the others.Pull the plug, period. I don’t participate in this nonsense and never will. In general, their presence in the American Marketplace is a negative. Something we don’t need and never did.

  6. Heh, now do Telegram – with it’s Russian connections. If we are going to focus on the enemies of the USA, why stop at TikTok?

  7. He’s from Singapore, wife is Virginia, but is taking direct orders from the CCP to decipher our 30 second dancing videos to the point that it’s a national security risk?

  8. with tiktok, there’s private metadata that flows, and with modern deepfakes, it’s a fast platform for spreading some big lies at some point. everyone should always keep this in mind about all social media.

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