Noem Q2 FEC Report – $205k contributed in this report ($310 total for q2), 117k spent, $1.7M Cash on Hand.

Kristi Noem for Congress 2016 Q2 FEC

Congresswoman Kristi Noem continues to rack up impressive numbers in the campaign finance arena. As you cn tell from her latest report, filed today, she’s had a good quarter – $205k contributed, 117k spent, and over $1.7 Million dollars in cash on hand.

*Now, given the fact this is a secondary report coming off of the pre-primary, you have to add the pre-primary report in with the one that was just posted to get the full quarter which is 310k raised total for 2q.

We’ll compare it to Paula Hawks’ report after she has her report in. Somehow for Democrats, I suspect it’s going to be a bit depressing.

4 Replies to “Noem Q2 FEC Report – $205k contributed in this report ($310 total for q2), 117k spent, $1.7M Cash on Hand.”

  1. Anonymous

    I’ll be curious to compare her numbers to Mike Rounds’. I get the impression that she might eye that senate seat if his fundraising isn’t very high. Low fundraising below $1m for him might indicate that he isn’t running again.

    1. Anonymous

      She is definitely taking the Thune approach and stockpiling money. I’d also like to know if the majority of her money raised comes from in state or out of state. She has always done very well instate.

  2. Anonymous

    US Senate….heck governor still looks more likely to me….if she has a wide fundraising network inside and outside of state, she will raise money quickly and add some excitement to the raise in 2018.

  3. Anonymous

    Geez, you guys are puffed up today.

    She’s burning through 50% of her raise against Paula Hawks….for crying out loud.