“Paula who?” Hawks poor fundraising handicapping her race.

An article in the Argus today notes something that we’ve been talking about all along; that Paula Hawks isn’t Getting the job done in her campaign: 

Jon Schaff, a political science professor at Northern State University, said Noem is benefiting from her status as the incumbent and ability to raise money, an area she has excelled in since she first ran for Congress. He estimated Hawks, who has raised a total of $316,672, would need to at least double that figure to be able to meaningfully boost her name recognition and hire additional staff.

“It’s getting to the point where I bet her name recognition in the state, I’d be surprised if it’s over 30 percent,” Schaff, said. “If by the middle of September people are still going ‘Paula who?’ That’s a real problem. People are not going to vote for someone they’ve never heard of.”

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