Pierre YMCA importing water from Ft. Pierre for pool because Pierre water is a liability

KCCR News is reporting today that the water in South Dakota’s Capital City, which stains sidewalks black, has been deemed such an insurance risk for the city’s indoor pool, that they have to import water from Ft. Pierre:

Due to the quality of Pierre’s water, or lack thereof, the Oahe Family YMCA will be shipping in Fort Pierre water for their pool.

Starting Monday, YMCA staff will be draining the Y pool to start the process of replacing the pool with Fort Pierre water.

YMCA Director Aaron Fabel says with the Pierre water and the staining of the pool, it’s an insurance liability for the YMCA…

Read and listen to the story here.

Having grown up and lived there, I can attest that it’s a true story. You could send your water through a softener, and still find your clothes stained. Over a period of months, new sidewalks turn black from the mineral content.

Not exactly a selling point for the Capital City..

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  1. Steve Harding

    Just to clarify. This is the YMCA’s indoor pool, not the city’s aquatic center which is attached to the YMCA. The City of Pierre continues to use city water to fill the aquatic center as there has not been major problems. Thank you, Mayor Harding

  2. mhs

    I cleaned that damn tank three summers running. Muratic acid, scrub brushes and a bunch of dumb college kids to run them. Inman’s finally came up with a filter system that worked, but, ran at the flow rate of a garden hose. Took 13 days to refill.


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