Pot, Meet Kettle, Part II – SDDP style

From Facebook today:

And in case you’ve forgotten:

Maybe the new SDDP Executive Director who was Dem’s event person at the time should have remembered that little point.  (Brought to you by Ann Tornberg’s Democrat Party.)

15 thoughts on “Pot, Meet Kettle, Part II – SDDP style”

  1. Wasn’t it a Demoncrat, Nancy Bella Lugosi, that said they had to pass Obummer Care to know what was in it? Again, it is hypocritical of Demos to complain about Republicans working on something out of the spotlight where the media, including the Sioux Falls rag, and the immoral Hollywood types, would bash ANYTHING that is being done. If Democrats weren’t such petulant infants (I know not all but a lot of them), then things could be worked out reasonably. However, even their banner-carrier in 2016, the deplorable Hillary Clinton, isn’t admitting she had anything to do with her loss.

    And, If they hadn’t rammed the crap sandwich that is Obummer Care down our throats, we wouldn’t be having to repeal it.

    So apparently the SDDP is still acting stupidly, to use a phrase from their favorite dictator, Obama.

    1. The ACA had 106 public hearings—170 (R) amendments and took a year…and you try to excuse this un-American sleaziness on the freedom of the press? You actually have the gall to use the word “hypocritical”? Oh yeah, the “rammed down our throat” idiocy, why don,t you tell me how? Aside from the freedom of the press and our right to know do you also hate the Constitutional process?

      1. Sorry, JD, as a leftwinger you own hatred of the Constitution. Yes, Demos are tremendously hypocritical. Yes, I have the gall. Nancy did ram it down our throats, and do you like the taste of it now? If you think that Obummer care has been good for the country as a whole you are not thinking clearly.

        Also, I think that the party that brought us the guy who went on an anti-America world tour as president has a lot of gall to call the other side un-American.

        Own what you bought for a change, lefty.

  2. “radical liberal Keith Ellison”– How? Because he is the first musilm elected to congress and first black from Mn.?

    1. What he is, is just another North Minneapolis machine politician and product of their decades-long vote-buying corruption. Religion, ethnicity and the rest are irrelevant. Why try to peddle some conspiracy theory when the reality is far more damming for this mutt?

  3. Translation– You don’t agree with him—- What the heck do you call Horowitz? Horowitz was a loony “lefti” then changed to extremist right- winger because that paid better…..Your folks in Ga. just elected a person that said she doesn’t believe in a living wage, is that extremest? Wanna talk about Bannon and Flynn?

    If Ellison is sooo radical why are you people not wanting him in a position of (D) power? Seems like that would be a gift to Repugs.

    1. Handel says she doesn’t believe in a living wage…that’s mandated by the gov’t. Probably a good thing. The mandated $15 wage has destroyed the restaurant business in downtown Seattle and soon enough all fast-food chains will use kiosks for taking orders, that equals jobs lost.

    2. Take off the blinders, Mr. Ed. Sometimes somebody on your side is a radical, so why don’t you ever admit it?

      I guess a lot of us don’t want him in a position of power because we love America and want it to be a great place again after 8 years of Obama’s wrecking ball. I understand that the socialist/globalist types want America to be cut down to size, but the rest of us don’t.

  4. Jaa Dee,

    You seem kinda angry.

    Are you angry because of the reality your party just blew $50mm in Georgia to find out Ossof can’t get a higher percentage than Hillary and your parties effort to demonize Trump might be a bad strategy yet you don’t have another strategy?

    But, to me it doesn’t matter what loon you put at the head of either your national or state party because they seem to be intent on agreeing with your strategy of blaming the voters with inferences they are dumb. I like that strategy for the Dems.

    1. The socialist Ossof spent around $23 million and the winner put in around $25 million, so I don’t know where you are getting your “facts”. Maybe from the Southern Poverty Law Center propaganda page?

      1. Sorry, Troy, my eyes were moving too fast, and I thought it was JD saying the Republicans spent $50mil. My bad.

        I guess I don’t mind Georgie Boy Soros wasting his money that way, though such a champion of the little people as he is will have to spend a lot of money before he isn’t one of the evil rich so despised by the left.

  5. P.S. Jaa Dee, I forgot to ask if you are so angry because you just looked in the national Democrat piggy bank and realized you are broke, having your worst fundraising period since 2003, and thus might be unable to fun viable campaigns in any purple districts?

  6. Eating Crow is the worst!! Don’t really care they meet “behind closed doors”, I do care a new health care bill is being pushed through as quickly as possible. Slow your role GOP, take time to evaluate and debate. Transparency is a good thing, may I suggest Rand Paul’s ‘Reads the Bill Resolution’.

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