Pot promoters adding couch voting to their list

It looks like the Pot promoters are joining Slick Rick Weiland’s group, and adding couch voting to their list of measures they’re circulating for, in addition to 2 measures to legalize pot, and one to legalize certain manners of killing your grandmother.

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  1. Anonymous

    Take it Back and New Approach===seems to be contradictory in their titles 🙂



    1. KM

      Ha, I know! The next hurdle would be getting them to put it in the mailbox;)

      Did you get any response from SPLC about DFP being a hate-group?

      1. Miranda Gohn

        Hey KM

        I called and was unable to talk to a person in that area of responsibility and left a voicemail. No response yet so I will try to submit a few examples and see if anything develops.

        This thread reminds me of the highly promoted “pot protest parade” in Huron at the state fair a few years back. The pro-pot advocates claimed thousands would show up and only a handful were able to get off the couch and out of the basement to go be in the parade. It was hilarious especially when they interviewed an elderly farmer and watching his reaction to the participants that showed up to protest. It will be entertaining to watch NASD make their pitch on this being couch voting along with South Dakota turning to a Potopia.

  2. Anon 6:54

    Miranda, you think this is part of a nefarious plan to allow stoned pot-heads to vote because they are so messed up they can’t make it out of their house?

    Since the same people are supporting the suicide measure, I can’t help but wonder if the voting proposal allows dead people to vote.

  3. Ike

    Voting by mail increases voter turnout. Signature comparisson prevents fraud. Mail-in ballots save money.

    22 states already allow some form of mail voting. This is not a red vs. blue issue – it’s about participatory democracy.

    What’s not to love?

    1. Anonymous

      If people can’t be bothered to expend a little time and energy to vote, I don’t really care their opinion as to who should be elected. We already have absentee voting; what’s next, having government officials come to your house and shout through the mail slot, “Who do you want for governor?”

      We already have no-excuse absentee voting, what more do you want?

      I’m kinda sick and tired of people wanting everything to be so effortless; sometimes things are worth working for and taking time for.

    2. Springer

      Signatures are not that hard to copy. How do they intend to verify the person is actually the person other than a signature?

      1. Anonymous

        Heck, Ike says signature comparison prevents fraud; isn’t that good enough? Har har

        If people don’t even need photo ID to vote in person, I don’t place a lot of faith in the vote-from-home scheme.

  4. Anonymous

    I for one like going to the polls, seeing democracy in action….talking to people….mailing it in just seems to devalue the process

  5. Sarge

    There are more young people from Conservative parents and Grandparents smoking pot in South Dakota than pot smokers from Liberal parents. Do you want them to have it on their permanent record if they get caught? I don’t. It’s too small of a deal to carry a lifetime sentence in the job market.

    1. Anon

      Sarge, I have to both disagree and agree with your stance. First, there are many, many more people under the age of 40 that recreationally use marijuana than anyone has any idea about. The issue is that the people who get caught are generally the ones that, well, don’t give off the best impression which only ingrains the stereotype. The greater majority of people who use marijuana do so on a very infrequent basis late at night in their own homes by themselves and then proceed to sit on the couch and enjoy some TV. And almost all of them have full time, good paying jobs. Go to any local bar at midnight on a weekend and observe the crowd. Then, (while this is not possible for many people – only an example) go to a “smoking lounge” in Colorado at midnight on a weekend and observe the crowd. At the bar, you are likely to see extremely intoxicated people yelling, screaming, and generally being disorderly. You might even get lucky and see someone kicked out. At the smoking lounge, youll likely see a very calm, polite, and relaxed group of people. Frankly, to me, the fact that we as a society, in many parts of the country, fully accept people being able to get as drunk as they want to but cant accept someone wanting to smoke marijuana every once in a while is completely insane. I have seen, and experienced, the effects of both of these drugs (I was in college once……) and to me, alcohol is far more destructive drug. hands down. If people truly want to advocate for the general well being and safety of society, we should be looking to outlaw alcohol as well. But you don’t see that being brought up anywhere. The proposed law legalizing marijuana will not pass in south Dakota. it wont. and I think, in the end, that is a good thing. I know, I know, I am contradicting myself. However, what I think should be done, is to decriminalize up to an ounce if it not for distribution. I know the argument is how do you tell if its for distribution or not. Well, that is already happening every day in courts all across south Dakota. The marijuana could still be seized by police officers, so its still getting “off the streets.” our court system wouldn’t be clogged up with people getting arrested for a miniscule amount of marijuana, and give law enforcement more of an opportunity to focus on larger quantities. to me, this is a win win. The people with small amounts aren’t generally the ones causing an issue, the issue is coming from the people bringing pounds of marijuana into the state. it would also give prosecutors who are seeing more and more serious crime in this state every day, the opportunity to focus more on that. but that’s just my .02 cents, and it might not even be worth that much.

    2. KM

      Sarge – So, you have some sort of evidence for that statement?

      Maybe not such hefty charges for a marijuana crime would be a better solution? Or how about don’t do drugs?


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