Pro-Haugaard site claiming Kristi Noem didn’t keep state open, it was Jason Ravnsborg

Having seven kids, I’ve heard a lot of whoppers before, but this might be the biggest one ever.

At off-the-wall website Dakota Leader, where they worship Steve Haugaard, and promote Tina Mulally as a great leader, website author Breeanaugh Sagdahl has a video interview where the latest crazy-talk is that Kristi Noem didn’t actually keep South Dakota businesses open.

The fish-tale being promoted for your crazy aunt who spends too much time on Facebook is that they claim Kristi fought against keeping South Dakota open, and one of the heroes of keeping the state open was actually Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.  And as a result he ended up on some enemies list and they were gonna get him no matter what.

I’m not sure what to say to all of that. Except that you have to eventually hope that they give up on the primary election at some point.

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  1. At the same time, we can’t deny that there was pressure to lock down South Dakota. There would be a big majority of people who would have been disappointed that we didn’t go lock-stepping. These same people would see deep state reps elected who will lock down SD hard in the next round of shenanigans.

    There were many good people responsible for averting the total lock downs. There were a lot of unknowns, and a gut call was required.

    We made some mistakes, but I would also like to recognize everyone (myself included) who wrote, called, and spoke in person with representatives regarding the lock downs.

    Plains Tribune was publishing vociferously, and our streams were patronized by 30k+ unique IP addresses per month in the midst of the lock down period. I have to think this helped influence the situation, but it would be absurd to think that one person other than Governor Noem could claim singular credit.

    It was a team effort, and I’m glad we resisted the tyranny. I am also hopeful that the lesson stuck that we might avoid the tyranny (not a dress rehearsal this time) that is coming.

    1. Seems there are many who are willing to belittle, and criticize, but are afraid to say who they are.

  2. I heard several South Dakota candidates at different times on The Stew Peter’s show and another online show, telling this same tale. One was Haaguard and the other was the gal running against Johnson. I had planned to vote for her until I heard this nonsense. I was extremely embarrassed!!! Their lie was that Noem wanted to shut down the state but it was the Legislature that stopped her. Stew Peters said, “So the media darling, wanted close her state down, and gets all the credit for keeping it open?” This is all propaganda. How I remember it is that there was talk of shutting down the state. It was a scary time. I can understand why they considered it. I mean it was a very scary time in history. We thought touching a box someone with Covid had touched 3 days before was going to give you Covid and we’d die. Everything was exaggerated and no one knew the truth from lies. And there were huge lies coming from Fauci. I remember Noem on her daily updates saying she was allowing each city government to decide, it was not a cookie cutter decision, every business to decide, and each person to decide, as it should be. Freedom with Responsibilty.

    1. Please read the bills I referenced and then look to see how the legislators voted. You are referring to Representative Taffy Howard who ran against Johnson. She voted to defend our freedoms on both bills.

    2. You are correct! I heard that ridiculous video with Taffy Howard and Julie Frye Muller lie to Stew Peters and he bought it hook, line, and sinker. Many others are believing their lies as well. And I thought the Dems were the enemy! These people are ten times worse.

  3. Folks should do their own research the 2020 HB 1297 titled “Grant the secretary of health certain authority during a public emergency and declare an emergency”,
    It was introduced on the last day of the 2020 session by Majority Leader Lee Qualm…AT THE REQUEST OF THE GOVERNOR!
    It’s only a 12-line bill which was handily defeated by the House on a 50-17 vote. I did not see AG Ravnsborg’s name among the 50 who protected our freedoms. Even the presenter voted against it!!!
    Since the Secretary of Health is not an elected official, that person has zero authority to perform such action unless authorized by the House and the Senate.
    A close, but similar bill was introduced in the Senate by Senator Langer. It was Senate Bill 191 titled: “An Act to provide emergency authorities to counties, community improvement districts, and municipalities in the event of a public health crisis and to declare an emergency”. Like HB 1297, it was introduced on the last day of session. The senate gleefully passed it 30-5 with the exception of Senators Phil Jensen, Monroe, Ernie Otten, Russell and Schoenbeck voting to defend our freedoms. However and fortunately, it was defeated in the House on a 37-29 vote with a 2/3 majority vote (46+) required to pass.
    I cannot comment on the Facebook video since I don’t have time for any social media.

  4. From what I have been able to piece together, Noem wanted to shut down the state and mandate masks. I think many politicians were talking to her and advising her not to. Whether Ravnsborg was one of them, I do not know. I do think Noem took credit for something that was not her idea.

    1. And the thrashing those legislators took from Noem and Tenhaken for 2 months after for not letting them shut down more than it was. People have short memories and dont wznt to back and look at the documentation that confirms it because they like the cloud they live on. We would be a stronger state and could be a bright hope if truth prevailed and we quit the posturing to work together using ALL knowledge and experience.

  5. If you believe Laffy Taffy and her crew, you’re a fake South Dakotan. People have to start calling stupid what it is. Haugaard and Laffy taffy are idiots. Will always be idiots. Sadly , some good people get misled by those clowns. Good news in Pierre, they’ll quit wasting taxpayer money and time with their goofy paranoid claims.

    1. Lee Schoenbeck has always been a textbook example of a manipulative kiss-up-and-kick-down narcissist who wastes our tax dollars buying himself political favors from the powerful and well-connected.

      1. Anonymous at 7:56 I might have agreed with you about Schoenbeck, might have thought Taffy was sane, had I not attended the meeting of the rules committee at the state convention where she put forth the ridiculous motion to empty the party treasury, distribute the funds to the attendees, and not pay the convention center the money owed.
        She actually had followers.
        There was an axiom going around that Democracies only last 200 years because that’s how long it takes the populace to figure out they can vote themselves money from the treasury and bankrupt the nation.
        Taffy and her friends wanted to vote themselves money from the party treasury and bankrupt the SDGOP. She actually had people join her in voting for that motion.

    2. Mr. Schoenbeck,
      You sir, are the President Pro Tempore of the South Dakota senate. I expect, and South Dakota Republicans should demand more maturity from a person in that position than the constant sophomoric sniping you fire at people you don’t like or who don’t go along with what you think is right. I have seen more maturity from 14-18 year old members of high school councils.
      Grow up sir and act like the 64-year-old that you are.

  6. As a concerned ‘citizen’ of the State of South Dakota, and someone who was born inside South Dakota, and forever have defended it’s interest against good and bad legislation, I am in no way, shape or form attacking Kristi Noem on any political matter, I support on her some issues, and I do not support her on other issues. That is a god given protected right “WE” have as a free, and independent, and sovereign people.

    While I do support Kristi Noem as she goes outside the State to help defend our borders, I must also admit, based on reading, researching, and understanding her “Executive Orders”, she did as well “indirectly” shutdown many aspects of State ‘commerce’.

    A brief review of many of her “covid” emergency executive orders, let alone proclamations, did effectively shutdown many types of business models in South Dakota:

    a) the Banking Industry instructed to limit it’s daily visitor base to drive through service, drastically effecting daily financial transactions of small businesses;

    b) the restaurant business was strongly effected by her directives to the counties and cities to put in place their own local policies to subdue, and restrict daily commerce, so much so, restaurants shutdown completely, let alone closed their doors,

    c) As an avid “racing fan” – Kristi Noem directly called out a Sprint Car Event in North Sioux City by telling patrons to NOT attend the event, despite the fact the event did go on, that drastically harmed business profits, and that is one of the examples Kristi Noem did do, that shutdown a complete industry alone;

    d) The Legislature adopted SDCL 34-22-18.1 which added COVID-19 to the list of diseases forcing people to get vaccinated, let alone forced to comply with State orders to place themselves on at contact list, of which allowed the State Government to force people to give up private names of those they came into contact with, which allowed the Dept of Health to invoke means to force citizens to get specific medical procedures, let alone fine them,

    e) While Kristi Noem did NOT directly shut commerce down inside the state, her “executive policies” did in fact effect and harm statewide commerce, to the extent that it shutdown many aspects of the statewide economy.

    d) Former Attorney General, Jason Ravsborg did in fact support and bring forth many lawsuits vs the Federal Govt to restrict it, and to enforce the private rights of State Citizens. He made sure that it was a voluntary right to get the vaccine, he restricted the federal govt from mandating any such COVID policy, and he held the Governor in check to her constitutional duties by placing injunctions against not only her, but the president as well.

    To say that Kristi Noem did not play a huge role in how the State Government managed itself through the 2020 COVID Pandemic is a flat out lie, whether directly or indirectly, her policies did effect many people, and yes, our “economy” was affected by those policies.

    A “Politician” shall always be judged by the policies they adopt, promote, and lobby for. Whether good or bad, they are judged by those policies. Kristi Noem has made some excellent decisions, and she has made some NOT so excellent decisions. And many of her COVID policies were seen by many South Dakotans as bad for the State.

    The COVID Pandemic was utilized by government to seek out, and gain billions of Federal Grants, Monetary Funds, let alone to manipulate and change a variant of commercial codes, let alone was utilized to instigate and corruptly cause chaos, disaster, and schemes to attract more federal dollars to the state, and by doing so, the counties, school districts, and cities were directed by means of executive orders to do business in a very specific manner.

    And lastly, who can forget how COVID was utilized to cause the greatest fraud of all – Election Scheming…

    If you wish to call me names, attack me, for my thoughts, my opinions,go ahead, but many people share my sentiments, and one day, the truth will come out, that ‘we’ are correct.

    1. Mike Zitterich, as the precinct committeeman for Minnehaha County Precinct 0522, YOUR JOB is to make sure Noem and the other Republican candidates win your precinct in November. You are not supposed to be providing the voters with reasons to oppose the Republican slate of candidates. As a precinct committeeman you supposed to be campaigning on behalf of our candidates, whether you supported them in the primary or not. .
      This is the job you campaigned for and now you had better get on with it. You are supposed to be working under the direction of Maggie Sutton, and I hope she gives you and your fellow Minnehaha Precinct Committee men and women a good talking to.

      1. I did not speak out out against Noem, I simply stated what the policies were. Just cause I am elected as a precinct committeeman, I am still going to stand by my convictions, beliefs, and remain as honest with myself as much as I possibly can. I am simply going to inform people, provide people the policies, help direct them to what the law says, the constitution says, and let the people make their decisions in their best interest. I gained my support by means of my beliefs, not so much my loyalty to a specific platform. I want “government” to be honest, informative, and transparent.

        1. Mike, if you didn’t want to do the job you should not have sought it. The job of a precinct committee man or woman is to get out the vote for the Republican slate of candidates, whoever they are after the primary and convention selection processes. Your personal opinions about the candidates are not relevant and you should keep them to yourself. This is the job you campaigned for, so you need to do it.

          1. It would be easier to support the Republican candidates….if they actually acted like Republicans…instead of people only caring about themselves and how to spend government money….we used to call those people Democrats, now we call them Governor

          2. I believe the “job” I was elected to do is to act as an informant, to help attract new members to the party, and to help to become point man between the party and the residents of my precinct.

            I cannot change who I am, I will always be that guy who provides an honest answer, attempt to educate people in our constitution, the laws we adopt, let alone legislative agenda.

            I pride myself as an Anti-Federalist which aligns my politcal ideals and beliefs more so with the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Patrick Henry, and I promote the best interests of the State more so, than any other agenda, and that is to promote the best, most “Conservative” candidate who is running who believes in limited government, a prudent government, let alone a government who stays to the constitution all of which allows the “People” to be as free as much as possible, let alone a government that does not overwhelmingly react to the issues, let alone, through public discourse, that government governs based on the needs and wishes of the people themselves.

            I will support any Republican Candidate who best represents those ideals, and if that happens to be Kristi Noem, sure, I cast my support, if it happens to be another Repulican Candidate, I will cast my support to that person.

            I was in fact a strong supporter of Jason Ravnsborg as Attorney General, however things did not go as planned.

            I highly encourage that people vote their conscious, but I will do anything possible to make sure the Republican Party remains in control within the boundaries of South Dakota.

  7. As I recall, the STATE wasn’t closed down, but mayors of the dense population centers had to make hard calls for their own communities on how to best protect people. Except for DoH, the state was hands-off, all things considered.

    1. You may want to read all of Kristi Noems executive orders related to COVID…you will see she directed all the counties, school districts, cities to do very specific things, this is what most of us are referring to….she played a huge role in how cities managed themselves against peoples wishes…and thus coming from someone who does NOT outright blame or attack the governor…

  8. Mr. Zitteritch, a fine fellow indeed, still dabbles around the edges of conspiracy theories and insanerisms.

    1. I do not understand your comments, where above was I dabbling in conspiracies or theories? The last I recall, by re-reading my comments, was that I was speaking on her “executive orders” let alone the law that was recently adopted by the 2020 Legislative Session. I spoke out against no one, nor did I offend anyone, nor did I attack the Governor other to say I support her on some issues, while I do not support her on other issues. I see no conspiracy in my comments. Thank You for your concerns.

  9. At South Dakota’s last two GOP conventions did the person at each convention against the Governor’s hand picked Lt Gov run to be the best Lt Gov they could be? Did they run to serve South Dakota by making a difference in State Gov? Were they motivated by personal statesmanship and integrity?
    No in both cases they ran to spite the Governor and that is a horrible reason for anyone to run for any office.
    Changes are coming.

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