And the 2022 Fish & Chips tour is on! Bonus from Boston.

In Boston today before I head to DC tomorrow, but consider the 2022 Fish & Chips tour is on!

At the Black Rose in Boston, and the piece of fish (cod) is as thick as prime rib, and as light as a feather..

The ‘chips’ seem more like fries, but the fish is so good, it’s forgiven. It’s early in the day, so I got the small portion, but I could have eaten more fish in a flash.

4 thoughts on “And the 2022 Fish & Chips tour is on! Bonus from Boston.”

  1. Just had the fish and chips at the Dubliner in DC Sunday evening. A worthy competitor. Especially with Guinness.

    1. The Dubliner is the best. In 1981, over a slow pint of Guinness, john Riley and I sat there and hatched the plan that saved the old Milwaukee mainline (the “coal line”) that wasn’t in the Janklow core deal.
      It’s a great bar. Before Senator Mitchell worked his magic on the peace, you could hear great IRA music there, like “Man Behind the Wire”

  2. Mr. PP, that fish does indeed look good. The fries look a little burned and fryish. Please keep us in the loop as you tour, as many of us glutton vicariously through your journey. If there is a chance to enter a competition of eating, just start a fund me page and many of us will contribute towards your entry fee.

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