Gov. Noem Issues Statement on FBI Raid on President Donald Trump’s Home

Gov. Noem Issues Statement on FBI Raid on President Donald Trump’s Home

STURGIS, S.D. – Today, following the FBI raid on former President Donald J. Trump’s home, Governor Kristi Noem issued the following statement: 

“The FBI raid on President Trump’s home is an unprecedented political weaponization of the Justice Department. They’ve been after President Trump as a candidate, as President, and now as a former President. Using the criminal justice system in this manner is un-American.” 


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  1. Led by an FBI director appointed by Trump and based on testimony from a majority of Republicans and even Trump’s own family members. Warrant issued by a Trump appointed judge. Trump ran on the platform of locking up his political opponents. He tried to extort zelensky into giving him dirt on his opponent. He had deleted communications and flushed some down toilets. Admitted to taking boxes of classified information and mishandling it. The man tried to have his own vice president killed by a mob led by lies to instill him as a dictator and undermine a democratic election. Yeah, I don’t think this is as political as the governor thinks.

    1. This is totally political and all your falsehoods won’t cover that up. You must b e a Democrat and frankly i would’t believe any word any Democrat utters.

      1. Is Trump a Democrat for admitting to taking 15 boxes of classified documents before returning them? How about his daughter for her testimony? How about all the close Republicans that have testified against him? Now, look who is calling to defend the police. You guys are fun to watch.

      2. Nope, not a democrat. Hillary should have been jailed for her deletion of secure information and Trump should be prosecuted for taking 15 boxes of documents, some containing Top Secret classified information, after he left office. Sounds like this stems from that and they must think he still has something. I guess he should have thought about that before potentially committing a felony.

        1. I cannot believe you are leaking so much classified information on an ongoing investigation!! Do you work for the Supreme Court? Crazy as your world turns.

      3. Interestingly, your orange leader’s #2 son admitted that’s how things were done when his daddy was in the White House.

    2. FBI Director – Christopher Wray
      Name the judge that issue the warrant
      Name the family members who testified against Trump
      Name the Republicans who testified against Trump
      Cite sources of flushed toilets documents information
      Cite sources for Zelensky extortion
      When was Pence in danger of being killed by a mob?
      If you are going to broadcast so much dubious blather, you need to back up your information factually.

      1. I’ll help the other poster out.

        FBI Director – Christopher Wray – appointed by Trump
        Name the judge that issue the warrant – not sure if this can be confirmed
        Name the family members who testified against Trump – Ivanka
        Name the Republicans who testified against Trump – Where have you been? There are dozens of people he had working closely with him who testified.
        Cite sources of flushed toilets documents information – There are literally photos of this. You just need to open your eyes.
        Cite sources for Zelensky extortion –
        When was Pence in danger of being killed by a mob? – Jan 6th? You know, when the mob of idiots stormed our capital with weapons and zip ties and wanted to stop pence from certifying the election.

        Funny you left off the stolen documents that Trump was forced to return because it sounds like that is what this is all about.

        1. What weapons? Only one I saw was the pistol that shot Ashley Babbitt after flagging first two doorways. Didnt see any fires or explosives either. Get out your grainy BW personal videos and compare to high res CCTVs posted all through the capitol. You witchhunters have been trying for +6yrs and got nothing and when it backfires no one pays consequences for frameup. How about government focus on crap like economy, energy, food, foreign relations(and I dont mean nepotism making bank accounts richer) and other things that are making my life more difficult (aside from asshats ruining my day. Just like my Dad told me, “It’s the dumb ones that will kill you.”

          1. Had that been my house those animals were breaking into, there would have been a lot more bodies lying on the ground besides Ashley. Pound on my door and break my window and anyone outside that door is getting a 12 ga slug and my wife would do the same. That is our right to protect our lives and our homes. They started breaking into the last door before they got put down and rightfully so.

            1. And how did you feel about 8+ months of “mostly peaceful” riots which burned down communities and federal buildings while murdering / terrorizing civilians by BLM / Antifa thugs?

            2. Guess you should support Castle laws then because your party of choice would see you jailed and sued for such violent response. You’re are an unacceptable excuse of a human to applaud the outright murder of Ashley Babbit and ignore the total lack of accounting or investigation of trigger puller. Then again you like to claim it was the firearm that kills. I can just imagine your social injustice outrage if a supreme court judge had responded as you claim you would. Better not let that adrenaline dump shake your shotgun because you might miss with that slug. According to your progressive party that is NOT your right and you shouldn’t have a firearm let alone stop or kill/injure some starving disadvantaged person just looking for a sandwich or escaping a white supremist mob. You obviously have sandwiches because you can afford a shotgun. Google LEO/LEA Escalation of Force and learn something you gun happy killer.

              1. Your free association tantrum today included the “murder” of Ashley Babbit.

                Murder? Look up the definition. That isn’t exactly how it played out. Jeesh.

                1. Then I guess by your definition, all of these were legitimate police shootings?

                  Freddie Gray
                  Sam Dubose
                  Philando Castile
                  Terence Crutcher
                  Alton Sterling
                  Jamar Clark
                  Jeremy McDole
                  William Chapman II
                  Walter Scott
                  Eric Harris
                  Tamir Rice
                  Akai Gurley
                  Michael Brown
                  Eric Garner

                  1. Oh, and I didn’t give you MY definition of murder, did I?

                    I asked you to look up THE definition of murder.

        2. You mean Judge Bruce Reinhart former US Attorney’s office employee? The guy that represented Jeffrey Epstein? Judge must be looking to get fees paid somehow.

          1. Judge Bruce Reinhart, who was appointed to the Federal Bench in 2018 by President Donald Trump….

  2. Kristi writes: “Using the criminal justice system in this manner is un-American.”

    How do you know, Kristi? Since you know nothing. Zip. Zero.

    You know no more than any of us. A federal judge signed off on this because he/she was shown that a crime was likely committed and relevant materials were also likely to be found there. That is all we know. That is all you know.

    You are just auditioning for VP. Shamelessly.

    1. 15 boxes of classified Information that he took there. You dont mess with the archives. This is huge. They aren’t going to sign off on this without thinking something was there. They know the political blow back would be huge so they better be right. First president to be impeached twice. First president who tried to have his vp killed. First former president to be raided. All on the anniversary of Nixons resignation. This is gold.

      1. Yes. “Raids” are a last resort.

        That’s why TRUMP appointed FBI director Christopher Wray would have resisted this. But… he did it. And a federal judge authorized it.

        Do you think Trump is above the law?

        1. No and he never has implied that despite steele dossier and hunter biden never even being investigated because they ARE ABOVE the law….moving along now.

        2. Do you know who the FBI works for? Obviously not so I will enlighten you. They work for Attorney General (AKA awesome genius[AG] at large) Merrick Garland.

          1. Are you suggesting that the Trump appointed FBI director went along with an unlawful search?

            You know nothing about this. Nothing.

            1. Wow are you really that naive on how governmental agencies operate at echelons above? The words “compartmentalized” and “disinformation” are a mainstay in intelligence for a reason. The warrant and execution regarding unlawful actions are apples and oranges, kind of like the FISA applications in Crossfire Hurricane. Time will tell and my prognostications have been pretty good over the past year. What are your bona fides?

          2. Yes….isn’t elk just an amazing intellectual powerhouse? Elk….just so you know, that was sarcasm.

            1. Ha! Good thing you pointed out sarcasm. He was probably about to yell to his mom upstairs that someone called him an “intellectual powerhouse” so she must be wrong in her assessment.

      2. This was not a raid. It was a legal search authorized by the legal system. Trump committed a crime when he removed the records. As shit faced said “lock him up”.

    1. Waiting for you example so this isn’t just slander and political character assassination commentary.

        1. Ravnsborg killed a guy. No judicial branch police powers there. It’s that other branch of government called Legislative. I know you like to conveniently forget there are three branches to maintain the balance of power in this country since you try so hard to influence and control all three and intimidate illegally and subvert and cry and wail when it doesn’t work, unless it’s in your interest to not be “ethical and equitable”.

        1. Dude, you’ve heard that nonsense about US Marshals and ATF being DOJ agencies right? Every American deals with taxes so IRS just needs foot in the door, kinda like National Archives and FBI (oops is that DOJ too?!) you might say. Getting agencies right is kind of important these days, let alone their lanes and scope of function (not “gain” ha!).

          1. Sandman605.

            You keep pointing fingers at everybody else. Did he or did he not have boxes of top secret materials stashed away at Mar-a-Lago?

  3. All 6 Democrats left in South Dakota were on here today. Of course, they would be the first to follow Chairrman Joe, leader of the Communist Democrat party in turning us into a banana republic.

    1. As a Republican, this statement makes me sick. Just because someone may think differently than you regarding how President Trump acted does not make them a Democrat. It is entirely rational to think he has acted in the wrong…

    2. Yes this action does remind me of communism and socialist regimes in history. Must be why media control is so liked in all those third world countries everyone is fleeing to America to escape. Kill and control freedom of speech and take away the peoples guns, those are on every dictators to do list, just like Uncle Joe. Just like Hitler taking advantage of failed post WWI economy in Germany and using jack booted thugs to intimidate and control population.

      1. Trump has called for locking up many of his political opponents. Without evidence or a trial. You know he did this but – Sandman605 didn’t object, did you?

        In contrast, this is the Trump FBI Director lawfully conducting a search, approved by a federal judge, where there is the likelihood of finding criminal activity.

        Ironic, to say the least.

        Oh… and Trump is the one always praising those “communists” and dictators. I suppose you didn’t notice that either.

        1. This will more than likely be a waste of time based on past history.

          “Trump has called for locking up many of his political opponents. Without evidence or a trial. You know he did this but – Sandman605 didn’t object, did you?”

          Elk, give a link or a source that shows President Trump saying this and back up your claim. Or is it like EVERYTHING else you have claimed and DON”T have any sources, just your snowflake feelings?

            1. Yep gotta prove it. Kind of like Blackstone or Hammurabi you have to prove it because they are innocent until proven guilty. I know that is anathema to your core life belief and value system, I assume you have one. Talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. All blow and no show. Meanwhile there are documents and videos in the “interweb” that media and bureau of disinformation suppress and neglect and defame (that Stelter now says are true, just like Mueller investigation) which show enough truth to warrant more than a google search. Until you recognize the double standard going on and start asking yourself why that is, you are just another lemming that needs to run faster to save us all. If you don’t get that last piece you should check out “White Wilderness” the 1958 Disney film.

            1. “Donald Trump mounted an overnight Twitter blitz demanding to jail his political enemies and call out allies he says are failing to arrest his rivals swiftly enough.

              Trump twice amplified supporters’ criticisms of Attorney General William Barr, including one featuring a meme calling on him to “arrest somebody!” He wondered aloud why his rivals, like President Barack Obama, Democratic nominee Joe Biden and former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton hadn’t been imprisoned for launching a “coup” against his administration.”

              (Politico 10/7/2020)

            2. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! He’s on a campaign stop and he’s responding to the chants of his audience. At the absolute most this is campaign rhetoric. If this is your level of proof then every parent that has ever said “I’m going to kill that child of mine” should be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit murder.

              If this is what you post as PROOF then no wonder you don’t ever back up any of your claims.

              MY GOD….WHAT A DOLT YOU ARE!!

              1. Oh. He was just kidding. All of those times he said these things. He was just clowning around.

                Did you miss the whole 2016 campaign?

                1. Guess I forgot about all those raids and legal battles he persecuted bidens and clintons and obamma with during his 4 years as President. Actions speak louder than words. Kind of like President Trump’s Justice Reforms that freed alot of unjustly imprisoned folks for petty crimes. It sure wasn’t justice reform like California or New York or Chicago. You think those stats are clowning around? Great reason to live in the great faces great places state.

                  1. It’s like you put a bunch of talking points in the shredder, pulled them out and started reading.

        2. You mean like the manufactured Russia gate?
          Clinton bleach bitting and smashing computers and phones?
          The FBI submitting along with former directors and other individuals that Hunters lap top was misinformation?
          If the judge is being lied to or mislead anyone can get a search warrant. The democrat lawyer that did lie, zero happened to him. Our justice system is two teared.

  4. Trump could quell a lot of misinformation if he released the affidavit that accompanied the search warrant. I have a feeling he won’t be doing that anytime soon because it probably lays out all the possible justification for issuing the warrant. They probably think there are more files there to retrieve other than the 15 boxes of stolen documents that Trump already handed over. The IRS took down capone on tax evasion and now some librarian nerds are going to take down Trump on document theft.

      1. Buttery emails. I guess you forgot about all those calls and texts that were deleted from Jan 6th. Trump doubled down on Hillary’s misdeeds and said hold my beer.

    1. You don’t actually get the affidavit along with the search warrant. Your lawyer has to ask the government for a copy of the affidavit later on. All you get is the search warrant which indicates where, what, who, and when.

      1. So what is the “what”? Could it be additional documents apart from the 15 boxes that the Donald took with him when he left office and returned after being caught?

  5. I’m enjoying all the hearsay and sudden experts on the raid. Please, keep the comments coming.

    1. “Raid”

      I guess that is one way to try and make executing a search warrant sound like an injustice.

  6. FBI investigates Hillary Clinton: Trump says this is a great day for the legal system!

    FBI investigates Trump: Trump says this is an abuse of the legal system!

    Trump already admitted to a crime when he left office with 15 boxes of documents.

  7. Reading this comment section is making me rethink the work I’m doing to for the SDGOP this cycle.

    Is this really who we are?

    1. Yep. If you don’t give blind obedience to the orange one, you’re just a “RINO.”

    2. You’re a couple years late coming to this realization but yes it seems the GOP’s main objective these days is getting the best dig in against somebody not in your party. Queen Noem sits at the top.

      1. Bingo! That’s why I’m putting in the effort to vote based on platform and character vs. who can make the most noise and point the most fingers.

  8. Trump is now trying to claim that evidence was planted by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago. The FBI chief that Donald Trump appointed did this? In front of all those security cameras and a crowd of agents?

    Never happened.

    So folks… if you can’t see through Trump’s B.S. on this one… you really shouldn’t be voting. Much less be governor.

  9. The right needs to divest from Trump and regroup ASAP so it can do what needs to be done, which is effectively fight off the slow-motion takeover of our society by unhinged leftist ideologues.

    Trump did a lot of good. He stood up to the bully-left. He helped some people get over the the shame and mental colonization implanted in people’s minds by the left, which controls the schools, much of the media, and now much or corporate America. That’s a big deal.

    Alas, Trump is a venal and corrupt person. He is out of control and dangerous. Less dangerous than the left, but still dangerous. He could really tip off something bad for our country.

    The mission now is to take the energy and momentum he stirred up and link it up to someone articulate, reasonable, and also able to fight. Someone who can do something useful with the energy and not waste it by funneling it into soap opera drama. That person is probably DeSantis. The MSM’s constant attacks on him tell you all you need to know.

    So yes, let’s make sure we call out an oppose any banana republic type stuff. But for the love of God, let’s not root for Trump beyond that.

  10. And just like many said back in 2015, Trump will take the GOP down with him, and low a behold many who said that (Graham, Cruz) are helping him do just that.

    Pathetic. Too many can’t just own up to their own mistakes, so we double down on the stupidity.

    Things used to be about principles instead of this sick personality cult we’ve let it become.

  11. “One of the first things we must do is to enforce all classification rules and to enforce all laws relating to the handling of classified information.”

    “We also need the best protection of classified information. That is the worst situation.”

    “…extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information”

    “…risk innocent American lives and bring dishonor onto our government, great, great dishonor”

    “…mishandled classified info, but no one gets charged?”

    (You guessed it. All Trump quotes.)

  12. I think Noem should start putting the location of wherever she actually is on her press releases like she did with this one.

  13. Obstruction of Justice? Espionage? Korporal Kristi spouting off crap before even knowing the facts. Still a Trump kleptocrat? Supporter of espionage? Worst Governor ever!

  14. “The FBI raid on President Trump’s home is an unprecedented political weaponization of the Justice Department. They’ve been after President Trump as a candidate(OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE that proved FBI used to spy on and attack candidate), as President(TWO IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS both killed in senate), and now as a former President(NATIONAL ARCHIVES=FBI RAID). Using the criminal justice system in this manner is un-American.”

    I would say her statement is based on facts and historic validation. I voted for her because she says what I am thinking, which is kind of how this country is supposed to work.

    1. Kristi Noem attacked the FBI search as un-American. What did they do?

      Secured Classified, Top Secret & Top Secret SCI materials that happened to STILL be hidden at Mar-a-Lago. This despite repeated requests from the National Archives and a subpoena.


      1. What did they do? That is an excellent question none of them seem able to answer with a straight face. When in the history of the United States has the FBI raided a former president’s residence? The FBI is the domestic intelligence and security service of the US and it’s principal federal law enforcement agency under the DOJ and US Attorney General.

        Not sure which hole in the ground you pulled “Secured Classified” term from but makes no sense in your context. TS material has strict chain of custody protocols unless classification is downgraded or terminated. Sensitive Compartmented Information can be classified in different categories. You obviously know nothing about classified documents, nothing! Which (sic unfullfilled) requests from National Archives (do you know who that even is?) and what subpoena, if one wasn’t complied with don’t you think the sharp investigative journalist at CNN or MSNBC would have reported that within hours? With all the screaming and allegations about President Trump’s WH Staff clearances you should be confident there was steady and constant surveillance and accountability to spot protocol or policy deviations to throw administration under the bus. Did you conveniently forget that piece of history?
        Ironic how if this was FaceBook I would be in FB jail and you would be merrily spouting your ignorant un fact checked drivel.

        1. Sorry, I confused you. “They” secured Classified, Top Secret and Top Secret SCI materials that happened to STILL be at Mar-a-Lago.

          And “when in the history of the United States” has a President taken and hidden boxes of Top Secret material, after he left office?

      1. And if he can produce evidence, in writing, that he declassified those documents and submitted that to as a presidential record prior to his leaving office AND if there isn’t some regulation preventing them from being declassified ( Such as the Atomic Energy Act of 1946 or 1954 which makes all information about nuclear weapons classified not subject to being declassified) he doesn’t have anything to worry about from the TS/SCI records.
        He still has to worry about the fact that if any of those boxes contained presidential records he was violating different laws, but those are really minor in comparison to the other possible issue

        1. You should visit a Presidential Library sometime in your wanderings. If the Steel Dossier was classified SCI and later found to be false the classification is no longer valid and can justifiably be declassified. I would keep that as a souvenir! President has authority to classify documents, however, when things are classified at TS or SCI they are tracked extensively through chain of custody and other actions. In the straight face test, if a group is trying to take you down by any means possible over the past 6 years (since July 2016), do you think you would jeopardize so much over so little? People are that gullible.

          1. Correct – if he has DOCUMENTED that it’s declassified and if it is something he CAN declassify he is fine, but…He still is required to follow the Presidential records act( 44 U.S.C. §§ 2201–2209).
            That means that he can’t keep official documents as souvenirs. They have to be handed over to the National Archive. They COULD be placed in a future Trump Presidential Library, which could be administered by the National Archive. This has been the law of the land for all presidential documents since 1981. Until the Presidential Library is set up, those documents need to be in the hands of the National Archive (including a strict inventory of those documents)
            The fact that he was given a subpoena in January of 2022 the first time the National Archive showed up to retrieve improperly held presidential records and collected the first set of 15 boxes and told to turn over all presidential documents, pictures of foreign leaders, and anything marked as classified and these were still at his home does put him at some legal jepordy.

            And again just because he says “I Declassified those” he has to prove that they were declassified prior to his leaving office. He has to show that on a document by document basis.
            He has to tell people, specifically the original agencies that originally classified them that they are no longer classified so they can update their records and respond to all legal FOIA requests on those documents.
            If he did this, it will be VERY easy for him to prove. Go to the NSA, or the DoD, or the CIA, or whoever and do a FOIA request for the document. If they are no longer classified, then they will legally HAVE to provide those documents.
            But the paperwork needs to be done.
            Also there are SOME documents that the president can’t declassify.
            Period. Full Stop.
            Specifically anything regarding Nuclear power and Nuclear weapons. It is secret by laws passed by congress and nothing the president may or may not choose to do can declassify it.
            He also has the issue that even if he declassified these documents, the next president can choose to classify them again.
            I stand by my original statement – IF he removed TS/SCI documents from the SCIF that used to operate at Mar-A-Lago, and those documents were still marked TS/SCI and he can’t PROVE that he declassified them before he left office, this is VERY bad news for him.

            1. Correction – I said a Presidential library could be administered by the National Archive.
              Presidential Libraries ARE administered by the National Archive.

              If you want a Presidential Library with your official documents, photos, etc. the National Archive runs it.

      2. Bless your heart. Tomorrow he’ll have some other fantastic excuse and you and the rest of your Trumpist cult will believe that. Your and your fellow cultists will send him more money, as well.

        1. I send him money like I also do with Gov Noem. What’s wrong with that? As far as cultist, that would be someone living outside conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader. I’m thinking the most inept Vice President who has done more damage to this country in 18 months would be your charismatic leader. Much like Joe Stalin for cult of communist party and we all know how that turned out (well in some civic and history classes anyway).

    1. Thanks for posting. First glance shows no acknowledged warrant notification from 6AM-10PM, but there are signed receipts that evening 6:19PM on 8 August. Also noticed that seized documents weren’t filed with court issuing warrant until 11 August. Warrant is also in very broad terms. Innocent until proven guilty so watch and see how things roll out.

  15. First, he denied having classified documents. Then, they must have been “planted” in an un-American raid. Now, he claims to have declassified them previously.

    Somehow, some of you still believe him.

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