Release: Jackley Releases Fourth Statewide TV Ad: “Judges”

Jackley Releases Fourth Statewide TV Ad: “Judges”

PIERRE, SD: Attorney General Marty Jackley’s family steals the show in the latest statewide television commercial released by his campaign for governor.

“I think a lot of South Dakotans have come to know Marty as their law and order, tough on crime attorney general—but he also has a caring side and a great sense of humor,” said Angela Jackley, who makes an appearance in the ad with children Michael and Isabella.

This is the fourth statewide ad to highlight Jackley’s conservative agenda, including the protection of human life, the defense of the Second Amendment and a limited government approach to job creation and economic mobility.

“My family means everything to me,” Jackley said. “They’ve been by my side throughout this campaign just like our supporters have. Angela, Michael, Isabella and I had fun with our newest TV ad, and we hope the rest of South Dakota enjoys it, too.”

The ad comes at a busy time for the Jackley family. In addition to dance recitals and sports events, the attorney general is finalizing his preparation for a landmark Supreme Court case.

“Despite Marty’s hectic travel schedule, he always makes time for the children when he’s home,” Angela said. “We’re so proud of him. He’s doing what he does best—fighting for the state he loves and the people he cares about.”

Watch the new ad on youtube :


9 Replies to “Release: Jackley Releases Fourth Statewide TV Ad: “Judges””

  1. "Very Stable Genius"

    With only three in the audience it can’t be much of a performance.

    To save money, Dusty and Marty must have gone into together to rent the “TED stage,” huh?

    I would still like to see, however, an ad, and I think only Dusty could pull this one off, but I would like to see an ad where Dusty rides Kristi’s horse out of a freight elevator, wearing Marty’s shorts, and holding Shantel’s snake from Reptile Gardens, while he proceeds to gallup unto a “TED stage”…. Now, that is an ad that we need to see…..

  2. Anonymous

    This is a huge year in politics.

    Most of these candidate have been around for over a decade. Some nearly 2 decades in politics.

    Noem since 2006 but she was going to Daschles leadership class before that.

    Jackley since TAR’s.

    Dusty since TAR’s

    Krebs since she interned or ran for the legislature in the early 2000’s

    Tapio since the early 90’s Pressler days.

    June 5 many of these people will be going for what they’ve been after for 10 to 20 plus years. Good for them for taking a shot at serving in higher capacity.

    But when that primary ends so will their era and a new field of great young candidates will start to fill the void they’ve left.

    It’s already started with Paul TenHaken in SF.

  3. chplraj

    NO NO NO It is not funny business today to be the top Dog in the State of South Dakota. I think it is serious business right now with all the problems South Dakota appears to have. Do NOT like this new commercial at all. Do NOT like Marty trying to be funny in any commercial. He does serious much better and believable.

  4. The Sage

    Noem does these lighthearted family ads extremely well. The Noem family ads are one of the major contributors to her “likeability” factor. Good to see Marty getting in on that act. This is a great ad, but Noem will have 1 or 2 similar before the primary is finished. The simple fact is that Jackley and Noem are really a lot alike, and will both govern similarly. Likeability will swing votes, so we’ll see who plays that card better in the next 8 weeks.


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