Release: More than 60 Sheriffs Endorse Jackley for Governor

More than 60 Sheriffs Endorse Jackley for Governor

PIERRE, SD: In an outpouring of support from South Dakota’s law enforcement community, 61 of the state’s 66 county sheriffs have endorsed Attorney General Marty Jackley for governor.

“There’s no one I would trust more to lead our public safety than Marty,” said Sheriff Jim Vlahakis of Yankton County. “His integrity is beyond question, and he’s demonstrated as attorney general and US Attorney that he knows how to proactively tackle safety issues in our state.”

Sheriff Vlahakis’s words were echoed by sheriffs in other counties as well.

“He’s been a strong partner to sheriffs and police officers, and I know that steadfast support for law enforcement will continue if he is elected governor,” said Sheriff Mike Leidholt of Hughes County.

“Anyone questioning Marty’s performance as attorney general simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” said Sheriff Kurt Hall from Faulk County. “We’re here on the front lines and we know the real situation. Marty’s been right here with us.”

For some sheriffs, friendship with Jackley began during difficult times. Sheriff Byron Nogelmeier of Turner County remembers the day his deputy was killed in the line of duty.

“He came here to Turner County to do a job and do it right,” Nogelmeier said. “Those are the types of traits that we look for in a governor.”

Jackley thanked the sheriffs for their service to South Dakota and said he hopes he can continue to prioritize public safety as governor.

“We owe the peace of mind we have in South Dakota to the brave service of our law enforcement officials,” Jackley said. “We’re incredibly humbled to have the backing of so many sheriffs and remain committed to guaranteeing our law enforcement have the tools they need to do the job we’ve asked them to do.”

You can watch the endorsement video from Sheriff Kurt Hall here:

4 Replies to “Release: More than 60 Sheriffs Endorse Jackley for Governor”

  1. Anonymous

    The Sheriffs picked Ravnsborg for AG and Marty for Governor.

    Sounds good to me!

    Good video by Sheriff Hall and good quotes in the press release. Hard to spin this, but I bet anonymous people will try.

  2. Anonymous

    Did Marty provide signature sheets like Ravnsborg did, I too am curious who the 5 missing ones are.

    Impressive list though and I agree it shows Marty’s strength with law enforcement and that he values law enforcement’s opinions.

    Good ad with Sheriff Hall


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