Release: Senator Tapio Sides With Parents Angered by Student School Walkout Organized by Radical Left

Senator Tapio Sides With Parents Angered by Student School Walkout Organized by Radical Left

(Rapid City, S.D. March 13, 2018)

State Senator and GOP Congressional Candidate Neal Tapio joined a growing outcry of South Dakota parents angered by a planned student walkout calling for nationwide gun control after a Florida school shooting last month that left 17 dead.  Tapio called the protest a leftist political movement designed to exploit and indoctrinate American children, damaging the relationship parents have with the public schools their children attend.

“We are watching the demise and possibly the end of the public school system,” Tapio said.

“Make no mistake, the school walkout protests are a gun control effort pushed by left wing organizations with a political agenda. They are organized and funded nationally by the most dangerous liberal organizations in the world who, at their core, are anti-American community organizers in the image of President Barrack Obama,” Tapio said. “School participation in a ‘student walkout’ endangers the trusting relationship parents have with their children’s schools.”

Tapio said there is a growing concern among parents about the long term direction of public schools and their failure to protect their children from left wing political activists.

“Our public education system is failing to protect our kids on multiple levels.  We are not preparing workers for a workforce, we are preparing them to be political activists and community organizers with a leftist agenda, and parents are frustrated by this,”  Tapio said.

“Worst of all, our schools have become danger zones, with such tolerance of a drug culture that every school administrator I have talked to agrees that up to half of the school children couldn’t pass a drug test at any given time.

“Additionally, with the recent Obama era juvenile justice reforms implemented by Gov. Daugaard, kids with criminal backgrounds and behavioral problems are placed back in the school environment in an attempt to lower incarceration rates, not to protect kids. These liberal laws are creating the dangerous environment that should be protested by teachers and school administrators, yet they join liberal organizations to protest guns and the NRA.”

“That is disgraceful.” Tapio said.

According to multiple media outlets and published reports, this current national protest seems to be headed by the National Woman’s March, which is led by Linda Sarsour, a terrorist sympathizer and Islamist apologist who believes in sharia law, which is the Islamic law that includes the death penalty for those that choose to leave Islam.

Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan is also a confirmed organizer of the walkout.

This public school indoctrination effort follows other recent political  campaigns to indoctrinate public school children.

“For the last decade, public schools have pushed a ‘green agenda’ which demonizes the coal and energy industry and criticizing any efforts to oppose left wing climate change legislation.” Tapio said.

“Additionally, public schools have pushed a tolerance and unity agenda based on moral relativism and acceptance of all lifestyles and political ideologies as equal and deserving of equal treatment, regardless of merit or critical examination. When schools promote an LBGTQ political agenda, without a deep discussion of the psychological early childhood trauma often associated with alternative lifestyles, or when schools teach an Islamic agenda without focusing on the dangers of Islamic laws such as their calling for death to those who wish to leave Islam, it becomes clear our school system has become infected by those with a political agenda.”

“It’s time for parents to put a stop to this public school indoctrination of our children.” Tapio concluded.


95 thoughts on “Release: Senator Tapio Sides With Parents Angered by Student School Walkout Organized by Radical Left”

    1. He lacks work ethic and organizational skills. He probably won’t even make the ballot because he is it requires him to actually work and not just talk, talk, talk… He’s a talker folks.

  1. The kids talking of walking out are looking like idiots.

    Actually walking out is idiotic.

    Kids are often idiots as it is how they learn not to be idiots.

    Kids learning by being idiots is not the end of the world. Don’t be an idiot Neal.

    1. Is he going to keep sending press releases after he fails to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot? Does he just go away quietly?

      How many signatures does someone need for Congress? 2,500-4,000?

      1. Did Hillary go away quietly, nope. Now she claims racist, poor people voted for Trump. Who’s the racist? Wasn’t she the one who called black people “super-predators”. Do you think Hillary should go away quietly?

        If you have enough sense to comment on SDWC about signatures required, do you have enough to use your search engine to answer that question for yourself?

          1. How do you know? You have a crystal ball or does the magic 8 ball tell you these things?

            1. He doesn’t have a strategic mind or organizational skills.

              He will not get enough signatures.

              1. Is anyone else surprised that Tapio is pushing Ravnsborg and not backing Russell?

        1. Don’t forget that she just said that men told the women in their lives how to vote (me Tarzan, you Jane). Hillary has every excuse under the sun for why she lost except that she was a hideous candidate and was and is very unlikeable. Typical Democrat not taking responsibility.

  2. “public school indoctrination of our children” ahh what?

    Which party is Neal Tapio seeking the nomination? SDGOP or the SDTFHP?

    1. CA public schools have implemented BLM curriculum, would you consider that indoctrination of our children? I would. How about the genderbread person or the gender unicorn used to teach kindergartners about gender dysphoria, would you consider that a lesson in academic basics or indoctrination? Keep your head buried in the sand – if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right?

      1. 6:52 – You are busy researching? Or, you’re not interested in elaborating on your comment and considering other information presented? Seems you may be here just to hate and not contribute to the discussion. Maybe you’re the anonymous throughout the thread spreading hate? Is that you? A person with so much hate in their heart, does that make you feel better, to hate on others? I know it makes Jon and Ike feel better, why else would they come here? It’s certainly not to create a dialogue, just hate and make smart-ass remarks.

          1. Certainly enough for you to focus your comments on me. So instead of challenging my thoughts or adding to the discussion, you call names. And what are you? I can’t tell your anonymous post from any others, so you don’t even give me a chance to analyze your character as you so desperately want to do to mine….do I shout EQUALITY now? Is that how your game works?

          1. No, it’s not. Did I mistake you for the “Jon” who insults Hubbel at every chance possible?

    2. Didn’t like my examples of indoctrination taking place in public schools, PP? My reply is in moderation or just disappeared?

    3. If you don’t think the public school education system in general is an indoctrination center for kids you are one of the densest people on the planet. Either that or it is your contribution to the left’s goal to deflect and deny to reach the goal of total government control and abolishment of God.

      1. Agreed. My reply, which is not posted, includes: CA implementing BLM curriculum and the genderbread and gender unicorn being used to teach 5yos about gender dysphoria. Is this examples of academic basics or indoctrination? Maybe 6:52 can help explain the differences.

          1. I have a couple in moderation also. I think adding a second comment too quickly may possibly cause the spam filter to kick it into moderation.

  3. Students are being influenced and manipulated by the likes of Louis Farrakhan a well-known racist who refers to “the white man” as the “anti-Christ” and calls whites the “race of devils”. What he says about Jews is just as hateful. And, Linda Sarsour, who promotes Muslims self-segregating, also a racist. The students may be idiots (as TJ states) but the people attempting to indoctrinate them are not. They know exactly what they are doing. School choice!

    Liberal leftists and Democrats want guns confiscated, but do they know where those guns will go? They probably haven’t thought that far ahead. As I recall, the Trump administration would be taking the guns, but isn’t Trump compared to Hitler, called a racist, mentally unstable, bigot and Islamophobic? That’s who they want taking firearms…liberal logic at it’s finest.

  4. Why do his press releases say “Rapid City” on them for the location and not Watertown? If he lives in Watertown shouldn’t all of his releases say “Watertown”?

      1. Do you have any proof of that allegation against Tapio? Better be careful with those comments. If I recall Lee Schoenbeck is in some hot water because of comments similar to yours?

    1. Yes. Islamic Jihad is not about race. And their actions were not only about Muslims, from you link:

      “McWhorter also allegedly admitted that the three men tried to bomb the abortion clinic on Nov. 7, again renting a truck to carry out the attack. McWhorter described a PVC pipe bomb and said Morris broke a window and threw it in, where it failed to go off, according to the complaint.”

      Obviously these are some very stupid people. Instead of constructively dealing with the problem of Islamic Jihad, they are only making the problem worse. They need to be locked up for good.

      1. Steve we need to be watching for all these Alt-Right Terrorists? It is becoming the age of a terrorist around every corner not knowing who is a potential threat? They could just blend into any crowd?

        1. So you only want to pick on the white terrorists? If yes, then you are a racist and you need to remain anonymous for your own good.

        2. Please provide a verified list of all Alt-right organizations that openly promote the use of gratuitous violence and any other unlawful acts against non-believers.

        3. Steve was this an attack waiting to happen? What were they going to do with a grenade launcher and that stockpile of weapons? Check out their facebook pages to see where they are politically.

          Drugs, homemade silencers and a grenade launcher found in rural Willmar home; five arrested

          Could it be that there was a grand plot that they all have false identities, surgically altered and bleached their skin to infiltrate the heartland?

    1. I can see a Hello Kitty Glock and all kinds of different kid focused themes. The gun industry would love that.

    2. Why didn’t Tapio do anything in the legislature for 2 years if these are such huge issues to him?

      There are only 35 senators in SD. There are 100 in DC. There are 435 Reps in DC. If he wanted to make a difference he should have done it at the local level. It’s hard to entrust SD’s 1 vote to a guy who couldn’t get anything done when he was 1 of 35 and in a body that is 83% Republican.

    3. Give the teachers the right to arm themselves. I’m not sure why socialists can’t get behind that concept. Oh, wait; that’s because they believe in disarming the citizens so that there can be total government control. Sorry, I don’t think, total government control is a good thing, but the lefties do. I guess that’s what you get from being taught to hate America.

    1. Would you like examples of Muslims bombing their own mosques? Or how about all the racist, attacks on Muslims that turned out to be hoaxes?

      1. False flag tactics are also used by the CIA and promoted by the Fake News fronts they control.

        1. Insults, great way to start a dialogue. Are you afraid to engage with me, seems to me you are. You want a list of hoaxes so we can discuss? I can make you one. Is that being productive and smart or would that hurt your feelings?

            1. Proving what point? You’re not making much sense, and your comments aren’t very productive or smart. I’m interested in discussing hoax assaults against Muslims, you’re interested in attempting to insult me which I may add is not going very well. Come back when you want to have an adult conversation, I’ll be waiting;)

              Maybe you missed the comments about my IQ from the J-School students who did a case study on me. Not sure you’re up to speed about my intelligence level. But, thanks for participating.

                1. Yes, you got me! I’m the amateur and you’re the master. You’re still trying to figure out how to engage in a productive discussion I see? I don’t think I can help you any longer.

                  1. You see? See what? Cupcake, please point to a comment that states I want your help.

                    Oh, P.S. – you haven’t hurt my feelings. You need to work very hard to do that. Good luck. 😄

  5. I see a lot of animosity for a man who says that Islamic terrorism is a world-wide problem.

    Why is that?

    1. Because too many people believe in the propaganda they learned at school and reinforced by the Fake News media complex. For more insight, do some research on Edward Bernays.

  6. “Worst of all, our schools have become danger zones, with such tolerance of a drug culture that every school administrator I have talked to agrees that up to half of the school children couldn’t pass a drug test at any given time.”

    Are you kidding me with this?
    This entire campaign is like an Onion article. Only more sad.

    1. Why do you think that’s a joke? When our oldest attended public school, a student was caught bringing alcohol and attempting to share with other students in the bathroom. Recently a student was found with a vape on them, not sure if it was a tobacco or pot vape. It does happen.

      1. Of course, it happens. That doesn’t mean it’s worse. Did Tapio forget that the 60’s already happened?
        I remember hearing stories of my parents and their friends drinking during high school. This isn’t some new trend. Kids do some stupid things sometimes. It wasn’t an act of the social fabric ripping – it was dumb kids being dumb kids.
        Let’s fire up the hard right about how everything is turning to shit because maybe SD will turn it’s lonely eyes to Neal Tapio?

        This is a non issue, being turned into an issue because older people don’t like what the younger people are standing for. That’s also not new. (see – 60’s)

        1. And what do Vietnam and school shootings have in common? Probably that kids don’t like getting killed for no good reason.

        2. Wasn’t the drinking age 18 in the 60’s? Not a strong comparison. I prefer to keep children sober as their brains develop and then when they become adults allow them to make their own decisions.

          It is worse, much worse. Have you heard of the opioid crisis? How many young adults have accidentally overdosed, I heard of one just recently in SF. Do you not think these pills are in our high schools? I’m not sure you’re paying attention. However, I see this is a non-issue for you. So why are you commenting again?

        3. me and my family will stay in our basement with our curtains closed until senator tapio gives us the all clear. we can teach our kids in the safety of our home.

  7. The left wants to do nothing until it gets so bad that they can claim the government must step in and assume complete and total control over how children are raised. That is the Alinsky method, and the Dems are using it as often as they can. Sorry, but I wouldn’t want the average Democrat babysitting my kids, let alone trying to tell me how to raise them.

    1. The current public schools system that Tapio accurately described was constructed under both Republican and Democratic administrations. This is not an issue about Parties, it is an issue about controlling what people think…or perhaps even…not think. For more insight, due some research on the Tavistock Institute.

      1. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll are not an Illuminati plot to co-opt American youth in bringing about the New World Order, Steve. You’ve clearly made the tinfoil too tight around your noggin again.

        1. Check out the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program that included passing out LSD to those attending Grateful Dead concerts. And the Illuminati folded decades ago, but has been replaced. Secret Societies are no longer effective once exposed to the light of day.

          1. Ken Kesey was a CIA operative? And yes. I’ve heard of MK Ultra. It’s pretty well known that the CIA slipped LSD and other drugs to both willing and unwitting citizens. Pretty sure they weren’t attempting to co-opt the youth into bringing about a New World Order. In fact, I believe it was a misguided study as to the possible use and/or defense against drugs in espionage. Wound up just being a big party for a lot of operatives with no oversight and even less scientific stricture. Conspiracy kooks love it.

            1. That is what they want you to believe. Need to listen to former agents who came out blowing the whistle.

  8. I can’t beleive how undiscerning the progressive left including many commentors on this website have become. First to rip on Tapio who has fought for 2nd Amendment rights against radical terrorism and a becoming authoritarian government, fought to honor our men and women that have served our country in battle, and fought to keep our children free from exposure to drugs and alcohol is mindless. Those should be simple moral characteristics of every American. As far as the walkout goes, it’s not just the student participating in these events, it’s the teachers as well. These alinskyites who call themselves teachers are certainly pushing an activist agenda, not an educational agenda. With not a shred or religion being spoke of anymore and gender identity politics playing out in our primary school systems, the public schools are in certain trouble.

  9. If he keeps helping Ravnsborg with delegates and not getting signatures then he is better off just working for Ravnsborg in the AG’s office in a special ISIS unit. Maybe he can stop islamic terrorism in that office?

    1. “On Monday, a 17-year-old Florida teenager murdered a 13-year-old boy by first stabbing him repeatedly and then slitting his throat at a sleepover party, claiming later he watched jihadist videos and read the Koran “to give him courage to carry out his intentions.”

      You don’t think ISIS is a problem? This is a joke to you? I don’t think it’s very funny. There are countless stories just like this one. Tapio is not afraid to address it. The UK is afraid, you’re familiar with how this happened and who where responsible for it….

      A child-sex ring in Telford, U.K., was reportedly allowed to flourish for some 40 years, racking up an estimated 1,000 victims. Girls as young as age 11 were lured, drugged, beaten, raped, gang-raped, and forced to get abortions. No investigation was launched into the scandal until a decade after reports of abuse were made.

  10. I’m surprised Annette Bosworth and Chad Haber have not joined Neal Tapio and try to get in on the action and make some money with all this hysteria.

  11. If your posts normally go through and it goes to moderation, the spam filter caught it. Less than if you post too fast, if a bunch of people hit send at the same time, the system thinks it is under a spam attack and all go to moderation. Or you might say a phrase which is also said a lot in spam like “free plane tickets” or “reverse mortgage.”

    Don’t jump to conclusions (unless it posted and was removed later) and be patient until Pat gets back to review all the spam which could be hours until he does so and has to go through hundreds to determine if the are real.

    1. How am I suppose to know if I hit send at the same time as others? How am I suppose to know how fast is too fast so to put my comments in moderation? If the only conclusions I have is moderation or deletion how can I be jumping to conclusions? I don’t have special powers to know what goes on behind the scenes and it’s not mentioned in the rules. Pat, himself, says he doesn’t know why it wasn’t posted. Thanks for your advice though, I’ll be sure to remember it for the future:)

    1. I guess the spam filter doesn’t work on portuguese. Perhaps Steve and KM should learn a new language.

  12. KM,

    I must not have been clear. Since you are not banned or being monitored (since usually your posts go right up when you post them), if it goes to moderation (and says awaiting moderation or whatever the phrase is) it was done automatically by a spam filter and not personal.

    The reason Pat says he doesn’t know is because it could be a hundred of things unrelated to you or because you inadvertently used a phrase that is flagged as potential spam. If Pat knew what that phrase was, he could post a “do not use” list but that lists is updated all the time and almost immediately.

    Since you post more than most, you are more likely to get caught. It happens to me as well and when it does I wait the hour, multiple hours, or sometimes a day until Pat goes through the spam filter.

    So, the point is just sit there. Its not about you.

    1. That’s your point? Great. Here’s mine…It’s not about you either.

      Thanks again for your insight, it’s so helpful.

      1. I am curious, do you manage SDWC or does Powers? Instead of focusing on me, maybe you could reply to the comment made directly to you.

  13. Surprising that somebody objecting to public school students walking out of school to protest the Constitution would be so controversial.
    That’s what’s happening here: the kids are being taught that the Constitution is a bad thing. The teachers don’t like the 2nd Amendment. In case you haven’t noticed, the education industry doesn’t like the First, either.

  14. KM,

    I thought I did respond to your comment. And I was trying to save you the embarrassment of thinking you were being censored. I think your comments in support of Tapio are helpful so I don’t want you censored.

    1. No, some other “coward” replied to you, but I know how intrigued you are by me so you missed it. I don’t find your thoughts that interesting anymore, so I don’t engage with you as much as I once did. Mostly because name-calling is not productive.

      Embarrassed, please. I support people speaking up about “refugee” resettlement, Islamic terrorists illegal aliens and indoctrination of our youth…it doesn’t have to be Tapio. If you were exposing the truth, I’d support you. You though don’t seem to realize what’s happening in Europe could easily happen here along with all the other anonymous comments who want to make jokes. Do you have any idea what’s happening in the Twin Cities?

      You read my comment about the 17yo you stabbed the 13yo to death because he was inspired by ISIS? Come to find out the FBI had him on their radar for over a year and didn’t really do much. Was it because of political correctness, similar to what’s happening in the UK? Tapio has the balls to say something…do you? I know what you have said about women being forced to wear burqas, it’s tradition, right? Did you know the woman who protested, by removing her head scarf, during the Iran protests was jailed. Jailed because she didn’t have her head scarf on…but tradition and all.

      1. “Was it because of political correctness, similar to what’s happening in the UK?”
        We have the same problem in the Office of Homeland Security and the FBI, along with many other law enforcement agencies in America and South Dakota.

        1. I know and some people, you included, have enough balls to say something about it. How many more young girls are going to have to endure FGM or rape before more Americans take notice and do something about it?

  15. Considering how many conservative snowflakes are outraged and the number of comments on posts around the web, I’d say the kids attempt to draw attention and create a dialogue has worked. Just remember, more people have committed mass shootings than have tried the tide pod challenge, and a majority of those who did try, were adults. If you don’t want them generalizing gun owners, don’t generalize them. Their voices are being heard and it is clear that that scares people. Smaller non-violent actions have resulted in even bigger movements. I wonder if people saying walking out does nothing would say the same thing about refusing to give up her seat. Small, yet monumental.

    1. Do you let children decide how and what to spend your money on? You let children make the plans and set the rules in your home? Not in mine and no 16yo student is going to convince us that our guns need to be taken. This walkout was completely political and the media used students as props. Did you see the video of the student who held the sign “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”? Ya, the principal took it away, forced the student to leave. Did you hear any comments from students who didn’t support the walk-out. No, you didn’t because that’s not your agenda. Oh, look here’s another incident…Student carrying Trump flag assaulted.

      There were just as many students against the walk-out as there were for it. Small, yet monumental, but you won’t take notice of them just like the MSM refuses to…they are not the narrative.

  16. It’s long over time to end the Dept of Education. Back to the states… Our kids are not circus animals to be trained and displayed.

    1. Massachusetts is the only state which celebrates the birthdate of the 2nd Amendment on April 19th, the anniversary of the day the government attempted to confiscate civilians’ arms and was stopped at a bridge blocked by a lot of pissed off farmers.
      Oddly, in spite of the annual celebration, Massachusetts has a lot of restrictive gun laws, and is generally opposed to the 2nd Amendment.

      And then a few years ago some Muslim terrorists decided to disrupt the festivities with home-made bombs. SMH.

      1. What…people linked to the “religion of peace” making and detonating bombs…no, you have been fooled./s

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