Rick Weiland pulls down his Amendment V flag burning video

Weiland burns flag

From KORN Radio, apparently Rick Weiland has pulled down his offensive flag burning video that was produced in support of the Amendment V proposal that would hide party labels from the ballot:

An on-line video favoring passage of Amendment V has been removed from YouTube. The video, titled “Party Wars” was promoted by TakeItBack.org, a group supporting Amendment V. It used blue, red, and purple toy soldiers to depict what appears to be an Independent trying to vote and included the burning of a small American Flag.

Rick Knobe, co-chair of the Yes on V committee says his group had nothing to do with the video. He says the group that produced it did so without asking the committee or seeking permission to publish it.

Read it all here.

5 Replies to “Rick Weiland pulls down his Amendment V flag burning video”

  1. Anonymous

    He was probably loathe to do so since it represents how he feels about the country, but I guess he realized he wasn’t impressing anyone with his exercise of his right to burn the flag.

  2. Anonymous

    Let us all rejoice that we no longer have to listen to voices we don’t agree with. Our echo chamber remains our safe refuge. Praise Allah!

  3. Anonymous

    Isn’t Rick Weiland both the Chairman of Yes on V Committee and TakeItBack.org? Nothing to do with it?

  4. Troy Jones

    Hmmmmm, I wonder why it happened.

    Did Weiland discover burning the flag hurt his cause?

    Or, did this complicate their legal problems regarding fundraising and illegal cooperation.

    Knobe’s response is intentionally dishonest. While not always in agreement with Knobe, I never questioned his integrity. Right now, I am calling B.S.

    Mr. Knobe, you got into bed with pigs and now you stink too. I am sorry to see that.