Sanford Numbers continue to trend upwards in latest snapshot of COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Sanford health’s numbers are trending upward in latest snapshot of COVID-19 Hospitalizations across all 22 Sanford Health hospitals..

Compare that to a week ago where we had 219 Hospitalized, 64 in the ICU, and 51 with ventilators.

Still not the worst idea in the world to be vaccinated.  And don’t forget your regular flu shot while you’re at it.

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    1. John F Cunningham, please explain how our Governor’s alleged incompetence has resulted in an impressive drop in covid deaths, while the national statistics put the 2020 total of deaths at about 375,000 and for 2021 at over 400,000.
      When I checked out the claim that there have been more deaths this year than last, that is what I found. But in SD there were 1501 in 2020 and 854 in 2021. SD is doing much better than the nation as a whole. Explain.

      1. Thank you, Anne Beal… I think the figures are even better than that. I checked the other day and news stories I saw showed at least 1,900 deaths in 2020. But it was the Argus, so grain of salt and all that.

        1. for most of last year I scribbled the daily numbers on a calendar. There were 1501 deaths reported as of January 1. More might have been added to the 2020 total after that date, which would reflect a very impressive decline..But it is interesting that SD has had a reduction in the number of deaths from 2020 to 2021, while the nation as a a whole has had an increase. Clearly some states are not doing as well.

    2. I learned a long time ago that despite best efforts, you can’t always save people from themselves and decisions that might not be in their best interest.

      And frankly, you don’t want to live in a society where people try to think they can solve all problems through more government.

  1. South Dakota has always been behind the times.

    Aren’t we on 21 now?

    We’re just never going to be trend setters here in SD, and that’s the way I like it.

    [spits into spittoon]

    1. If being unvaccinated had no consequence to other people, I would be more sympathetic. It would be like choosing not to wear a motorcycle helmet. Probably unwise, but not a significant risk to others.

        1. the unvaccinated are becoming an annoyance, running up big medical bills (many paid by government insurance at our expense) and expecting the rest of us to wear masks to protect them. It’s not so bad here but other states are going back to mask mandates and other restrictions, just to protect the unvaccinated.

      1. So if someone chooses not to get the annual flu shot and needs to be hospitalized, are they a menace to other people?

  2. Can you imagine other areas of life like sports, economics, or education where we would allow 22 cherry picked samples to be used as credible data out of a possible 350 plus location pool?

  3. Scottish Data released November 24:

    1) 74% of the Covid hospitalizations in the past month are in the vaccinated (Table 19: 1,564 vaccinated + 559 unvaccinated = 2,123 total hospitalizations. 1,564 / 2,123 = 73.7%)

    2) 89% of the Covid deaths in the past month are in the vaccinated (Table 20: 447 vaccinated + 54 unvaccinated. 447/501 = 89.4%)

    Why are they mandating vaccination again?


    I wonder how many people are going to keep believing Sanford’s cherry picked data sets they keep releasing. Good thing that the vaccinated are saving the world even though there are reports daily of fully vaccinated people testing positive for Covid. I respect anyone’s personal decision because that is their choice. The government better not think they can force any citizen in this country to get the vaccine. We have constitutional rights and freedoms.

    1. I respect everyone’s personal decisions as well. But I’d suggest people take a minute to review the data they’re using to make their decisions. I’d trust Sanford over a report from Scotland which starts out by saying their data may not qualify under the relevant standards as high quality.

      But you do you.

    2. i just looked at those tables you are referencing and it is very clear that the unvaccinated are having a higher rate of infection than the vaccinated. The unvaccinated population has an infection rate of 0.501%, the single dose population has an infection rate of 0.395%, and the fully vaccinated have an infection rate of 0.288%
      That puts the infection rate of the unvaccinated at almost twice that of the fully vaccinated. The vaccines are cutting the incidence of infection by over 43%.
      Raw numbers:
      among the unvaccinated population of 1,587,937 people, there have been 7968 cases =infection rate of .501%
      among the partially vaccinated population of 373,094 people, there have been 1475 cases=infection rate of .395%
      among the fully vaccinated population of 3,884,521 people there have been 11,210 cases for an infection rate of .288%

      They lay out the raw numbers for you but you can do the math for yourself if you don’t believe it

      Somehow I don’t think you intended to show that the vaccine will cut your risk of getting sick by 43% but that’s what you did. And Sanford’s stats show it will keep you out of the hospital

  4. the report from Scotland also has does some age adjustments for hospitalization and mortality.

    The older you are, the less likely your immune system will produce a robust response to the vaccine, the more likely it is you will have a breakthrough case of the disease, and the more likely you are to die from it.
    When the vaccination programs target the oldest people in the population, it is not surprising to see breakthrough cases and deaths.
    Additionally, the greater the percentage of vaccinated people in the population, the greater the numbers of breakthrough cases.
    Eventually 100% of the population will be vaccinated and they will be reporting that 100% of the breakthrough cases are in vaccinated people. The anti-vaxxers will present this as proof the vaccines don’t work.

      1. Don’t forget Dear Leader who was unvaccinated, but thanks to the best healthcare and treatment in the world was able to survive it and then painfully climb the White House steps for his Hollywood wave to his followers.

    1. She, and another person, literally just researched the document you provided and were too lazy to analyze. Pot, meet kettle.

  5. Let’s [email protected]:22 asks us not to believe our own eyes.

    Sanford’s numbers and the US numbers tell us the same story. It is FAR safer to be vaccinated. The unvaccinated are 5 times more likely to get Covid and 13 times more likely to die, nationally.

    But… look… over there. Look to the “Scottish” for some confusing data. Scotland is almost 100 percent vaccinated and you are shocked that some of those folks have Covid?

    And you can’t see what is right in front of you. You don’t want to see it. You may be infected with confirmation bias.

    1. On Scotland, The BBC reported already on Oct. 1st… “Looking at the over-40s only, more than 95% are now fully vaccinated with both doses – and some will have started to receive boosters as well.”

  6. What is with this “we had 219 hospitalized….”? This data is from Sanford hospitals, including in Minnesota where they are paying the price for their shutdown/lockdowns. As of yesterday, Sanford hospitals in SD have 71in the hospital, 16 in the ICU and 7 on ventilators.

    And, the continued distortion of numbers being “up to create fear or a sense of panic? On September 8th, the 7 day average of people in the hospital for South Dakota was 211. Yesterday, it was 215 and over these 85 days, hospitalizations have fluctuated between 176 and 232 and the last 14 days it has been trending down.

    This dishonest manipulation of data to get people to do what you want is only hardening peoples view against what the “experts” tell us to do. Intentional and obstinate participation in a lie makes you a liar, Pat. But, you seem to be getting comfortable with it.

      1. Pat at 10:09…

        Regardless, the facts that Troy presents show a whole different reality than Sanford’s numbers. I’d be interested in your discussing that than waging personal battles.

    1. I miss you Troy but…

      Why aren’t you upset that the unvaccinated are 95 percent of vented patients even though they are only 30 percent of population? You should be alarmed that more folks aren’t getting the shot. You should be concerned about THAT instead of manufactured outrage over simple hospital data.

  7. The unvaccinated are infecting the vaccinated. No vaccine is 100% but vaccines such as the polio vaccine have nearly eliminated diseases that cripple and kill. The unvaccinated are domestic terrorists.They should be so bold as to not take up intensive care beds in hospitals as they succumb to the Delta or Omicron variants.

      1. Correct. A couple of reports have indicated that while the increased amount of spikes does increase the infectiousness of the variant, it also makes it more difficult to invade the cell. As a result, viral loads have, initially, been lower. In an odd way, this may be a decent way to increase the health of the population generally by increasing those with natural immunity but killing fewer of them. Still not better than a vaccine, but at this point, those who haven’t gotten one have become so entrenched in their position that this may be the best we can hope for.

    1. What about over eating, smoking, drug use and alcohol.
      Be consistent. A vaccinated person should have nothing to fear from a natural immunity person per your science.

  8. Since everyone is blaming the unvaccinated for getting the vaccinated sick. Let’s just say a country gets 100% of the people vaccinated. Who are they going to blame when the same percentage of people are still testing positive for Covid? What if they get 99% vaccinated? Do you think that 1% is going to keep infecting all 99%.
    There are several data sets out there that really aren’t supporting the vaccination program to prevent Covid. Why are there more Covid deaths in 2021 verse 2020 already even though there is a higher percentage of vaccinated people? Oh wait I forgot, it is still those dumb unvaccinated people!

    1. Mortality rates are demonstrably higher in the unvaccinated population, so I really don’t understand the point you are trying to make here. Further, what “data sets” are you referring to? Finally, it’s impossible to respond to your thought exercise because it is so clearly counterfactual.

      Provide evidence. Stop fantasizing about what ifs that just aren’t happening.

    2. Anonymous at 1:55 pm:
      In South Dakota there were 1501 covid deaths by January 1, and now the total is 2355.
      so there were 1501 deaths in 2020 and 854 in 2021

    3. anonymous at 1:55 pm
      in addition to fewer SD residents dying this year than in 2020, as January 1, 5702 were listed among the “ever hospitalized” and now that total is 8490.
      so 5702 were hospitalized in 2020 and 2788 have been hospitalized in 2021

      I don’t know what is going on elsewhere in the world but those are the statistics for SD.

  9. The Omicron Variant reportedly has mild symptoms, like soreness and exhaustion. The same thing you’d feel after a hard day’s work.

    No wonder Liberals are terrified of it!!

    1. Tim H: the vast majority of the vaccinated aren’t getting sick, but they are testing positive for Covid, which means they have to be quarantined until they can produce a negative test. While some of them might use an unscheduled vacation to repaint a room or two, most of them are annoyed by having to curtail their activities in order to protect the unvaccinated.

    2. Really? We’ve been dealing with this for nearly two years now and you still haven’t figured out what’s going on?

      There are complicated aspects of this, but this part is easy. The vaccines offer good protection, but it’s not perfect. A sick person can get vaccinated people sick. And unvaccinated people are more likely to get sick and infect people. In addition, when the virus is circulating in large groups of people the chances of it mutating in a way that makes it more dangerous increases.

      Tim, I’m not trying to pick on you, but I’ve heard the same thoughtless sentiments for months now. I’ve got some libertarian tendencies, and I absolutely loathe telling other people what to do. But my faith that people will use their heads for more than a place to hold their hat has been profoundly shaken ever since the vaccines came out.

      1. I’m just guessing that there won’t be a line for you to get your next booster, and that’s great that you have decided to do that to yourself to save the rest of the country. I don’t think I would call you a hero like I would the people that are potentially sacrificing their life in the military to actually protect this country. You are such a great person that you are protecting the thousands of people walking across our southern border with zero consequences.

  10. Now I am even more curious. I posted some questions and my comment was put in SD War College Purgatory until approved. I really do not understand what was so bad about those questions.

  11. Why won’t the admin let people post? Is it because the real information doesn’t fit their agenda? I have tried to post several links and facts that have not been put up in the post.

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