Senate President Pro-Tempore Lee Schoenbeck talks about the problem with cherry-picked scorecards in RCJ Editorial

Senate President Pro-Tempore Lee Schoenbeck has a column in the Rapid City Journal this AM (hard copy only at moment) discussing the problems with voters relying on cherry picked scorecards that are designed to make “their people” look good. Namely the Citizens for Liberty Scorecard:

Senator Schoenbeck also points out the difference between the cherry-picked scorecard that organizations like CFL puts out, versus the scorecards of groups such as ELEVATE Rapid City that actually go and advocate for issues in the State Legislature:

Pick up a copy of the Rapid City Journal, and read it today.

19 thoughts on “Senate President Pro-Tempore Lee Schoenbeck talks about the problem with cherry-picked scorecards in RCJ Editorial”

    1. He said, anonymously.

      I’ve found Lee to be a generous and good person. And I think you’d find that he’s done more to elect Republican candidates than any of his detractors.

      1. I don’t care that he has helped elect more Republicans. I want him to help our state and his district. I think he has done more good than bad in that area. That is better than many politicians.

        1. Correct….all it takes is some little idiot national socialist like CAH to keep running his mouth.

          1. Location of the most oft-used vacation property for that blogger – up in the heads of a number of consumers of SD War College.
            Rent free!

            1. Not so much as the location of Governor Noem’s rent-free property in CAH’s head……of which she has stated it is the most spacious and vacuous space she has ever occupied.

          2. I can’t tell if people on this blog are obsessed with a blog that has a differing viewpoint, or if the other blog is coming over here to mention their name for more publicity. After reading John Thune’s weekly column, I guess it is common for extremists to be obsessed with the other viewpoint though. I think people should quit dwelling on the fact that others think differently than they do and live their life. Live free, we don’t need government enforcing choices from either side.

  1. “Citizens for Liberty” revised their scorecard after they found out Tim Goodwin was running against Julie Frye Mueller so they could lower his score. The have prostituted the Tea Party movement into a bitter spiteful cult led by Stace Nelson and his ilk.

    1. UHEEP you nailed the person responsible for this garbage and Lee nailed the abject failure of any public good to come from any cherry picked poll. This one ; CFL being the absolute worst.

  2. Schoenbeck’s record as a Republican stalwart is admirable and dependable. It’s natural that people who are denied access to power by their own savage tactical failures call him names. He is spot on about scorecards being deceptive. The current flap over Rounds’ no vote on a veterans health bill is a perfect case in point about voting records? Depending on whose scorecard you read, either Rounds hates veterans, OR he hates having a 400-billion pork roast slipped into a bill at the last second. Pick your scorecard.

    1. This is a straight up lie. The bill voted on was the exact same text as the last bill that passed a couple months ago. If something was slipped in at the last second, please provide proof. You are spreading misinformation and you are doing it at the expense of dying veterans. Have you no shame?

        1. So now you are changing the goal posts? This was supported by every veterans group at the first vote and again at this one. There is no slush fund and appropriations still need to be approved yearly for it. This will help veterans who are suffering and the vote against it was all political. You have no idea what you are talking about as was proven already when I pointed out by your “last second” comment. All lies.

          1. I’m correct on why Republicans who changed their vote, did so. The $400-billion (verified) cost of the provision in question is the deal breaker. That is my understanding. It can be fixed if people are done playing politics. Your politic-playing performance is Shatneresque in scope. Well done.

            1. “Show everyone where in the Pact Act is this 400 billion dollars blank check or unrelated spending that was added/snuck in…OR show section 805 c of the actual bill that explicitly states what the Toxic Exposure Fund can be used for.”

              You keep repeating the same lies you are being fed. They changed their vote to protest a different bill and Republicans are using our veterans. Republicans have no shame. They support the troops but not our veterans. One makes them money and the other doesn’t. Go figure.

                1. Caught in a lie. Why don’t you go and read the bill next time and see why every veterans organization supports it.

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