Slick Rick Weiland couldn’t be bothered to testify on his measure. I’m sure he made time to cash his check.

From the Argus Leader, Rick Weiland apparently has little interest in defending or explaining the unconstitutional measure he thought was so important to South Dakotans to pass:

“Everybody’s expected to drop everything and travel to Pierre,” Weiland said. “I was booked. I couldn’t make it.”

The former Democratic U.S. Senate candidate said he’d been fighting for the measure from “the get-go” and shouldn’t be expected to make last-minute arrangements to accommodate the break-neck pace set by legislators in setting the committee schedule.


Soli and other Democrats in the Statehouse have been stuck playing defense on the law that they’ve said they don’t support in its entirety.

When asked whether having one of the writers on the line to answer questions would’ve helped the process, Soli said, “I think that would have been wonderful.”


“They apparently think it is so important that they are willing to take out full-page ads in the state’s largest newspaper, they’re willing to produce videos and post them on social media, they’re willing to raise money off of it for their next initiative and they’re willing to attack sitting members of the Legislature with innuendo and ad hominem attacks, none of which have shown to be true, yet it’s not important for them to show up and testify about anything,” said Senate Majority Leader Blake Curd, R-Sioux Falls.

Read it here.

So, Slick Rick Weiland doesn’t have the time to explain why they proposed the measure, and refused the help of the Legislative Research Council to make the ballot measure comply with the State Constitution.

However, I’m sure he had time to cash his check.  I’m sure he might have even made time for it.

3 Replies to “Slick Rick Weiland couldn’t be bothered to testify on his measure. I’m sure he made time to cash his check.”

  1. grudznick

    I have thought about this and decided that Slick Rick probably didn’t want to face some tough questions he couldn’t answer and made to look the fool he is, or at least as big of a fool as the unconstitutionally sloppy drafters of this hoodwinking garbage bill.

  2. Anonymous

    Slick Rick is accustomed to being able to distort things and even make outright lies to Loony Lefties who will believe anything that fits their worldview and his allies in the liberal media. He did not want to face questions from legislators who know the facts.


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