So, is District 19 to have primary election? I heard the rumor of Stace Nelson v. someone today.

I heard an interesting rumor today.

I was told that down in District 19 (Bon Homme, Douglas, Hanson, Hutchinson, McCook) for the senate seat being vacated by Bill VanGerpen, a primary is afoot.

Nelson_presserAs was told to me, on one side is former US Senate Candidate Stace “Hell No” Nelson who has supposedly been gathering signatures to run for the office.

On the other side is a primary opponent who in the process of announcing.

Are we ready for that fight?

And is the State Senate ready for the possibility of Nelson’s returning to the legislature to join that body?

28 Replies to “So, is District 19 to have primary election? I heard the rumor of Stace Nelson v. someone today.”

  1. grudznick

    Mr. Nelson, the largest and yet still most ineffective-per-pound representative ever. This will be entertaining. I hope he runs against Mr. Sibby.

  2. Anonymous

    The guy that hides in the bathroom on tough votes or ANYONE ELSE….I’ll take anyone else.

  3. anonymous

    He will find that Matt is a different animal than David . His first fit will be his last .

  4. Anonymous

    Isn’t that cute! Nelson isn’t even a declared candidate and the RINOs are already fussing about him.

  5. Pat

    I thought we got rid of Stace after his loss to Rounds. Let’s hope he loses this senate race as well and stays retired for GOOD from public office this time. He does not help things at all. Ineffective!!

    1. Anonymous

      Because we need more tax and spend “Republicans” in Pierre?

      If Nelson is actually running? Why hasn’t he declared?

      If Nelson was “ineffective?” Then there are a lot of legislators that owe South Dakota their salaries paid back.

  6. Liberty Dick

    I thought he was running for House? Either way why would anyone want to waste the time running against him in that district? The people there love him. Don’t waste the time and money. You aren’t going to out conservative him.

      1. Anonymous

        If Nelson was so “ineffective?” Would you people have missed him when he used the bathroom or be wailing your nonsense and lies now?

        If establishment incumbents are running away from reelection on the mere rumor that Nelson may run? Doesn’t sound so ineffective to us in the real world.

            1. Anonymous

              So Nelson going to he bathroom, after voting and speaking on a bill twice, is avoiding a “tough vote?”

              Nelson being heads and shoulders more effective than establishment Lee Schoenbeck in his first term is “ineffective?”

              And, an incumbent declining to run for reelection after finding out Nelson’s rumored to be collecting signatures, is just happenstance?

              You have to spell these establishment rules out for us.

              1. @SoDakCampaigns Post author

                What are you talking about? I was responding to a question about Bill VanGerpen’s departure.

                VanGerpen’s decision on his departure came before any word of the rumor about Stace collecting signatures. I’m not trying to deflate anyone’s ego, but the latter did not cause the former.

                1. Anonymous

                  I donated to a Nelson fundraiser letter months ago, and I hear he’s been going door to door since January 1st.

                  Are you saying you and Van Gerpen didn’t have a clue till after he declined to run!?

                  Such an answer would indicate you asked him?

    1. Anonymous

      Agree 100%. I don’t think Daugaard believed as many people would be upset about his policies this time around, but we ARE!

  7. Charlie Hoffman

    If the Senate GOP in DC is smart enough to wait to pick a SCJ we should be smart enough to wait to see who our new POTUS is before diving into the largest welfare increase in South Dakota’s history. I agree with you on this 100% Ann.

  8. Anonymous

    Nelson was the most ineffective ever. Unless you count putting forth those waste of time commemorations. Then he was voluminous.