So, is the Flandreau pot bus going to pick up people at Public Schools, or up at the SDSU Campus?


I was reading the article in this morning’s Argus Leader, and was just “thrilled” (insert sarcastic inflection here) to read that the Flandreau tribe has plans to bus people from Brookings and Sioux Falls down to their pot parlor in Flandreau when it opens.

Monarch sales director Cory Johnsen said as the lounge gets closer to opening in early December, he intends to do a lot of marketing in the Sioux Falls and Brookings communities. Among other things, they want to promote the shuttle services that will be offered to transport people from those cities to Flandreau and back.

“Our big thing is, we want people to be able to come there, hang out, consume and be safe,” Johnsen said. “That’s our No. 1 objective, so we just want to promote how we’re going to be able to achieve that.”

There are, of course, law enforcement concerns about all of this. Flandreau Police Chief Anthony Schrad can’t believe the lounge is going to attract only law-abiding citizens.

Read it all here.

Thinking about the city bus stops here in the nicest city in South Dakota, I’m left wondering if they’re going to be bringing the pot shuttle directly to SDSU and pick up people right at the dormitories? Or if they’re going to hit the city bus stops, such as the one across the street from Mickelson Middle School?

It’s one thing for the tribe and it’s designees to be promoting the use of illegal drugs in their sovereign territory – but they want to start exporting it to our neighborhoods?

What are your thoughts? Should cities, or state government have the ability to ban the pot transport vans from their community or their campus?

And if they’re going to be this aggressive about pushing it, should the Attorney General be just as aggressive to keep it confined within the boundaries of the reservation?

13 thoughts on “So, is the Flandreau pot bus going to pick up people at Public Schools, or up at the SDSU Campus?”

  1. When cannabis becomes “decriminalized” your argument will be as stable as Oscar Pistorius.

    1. How despicable–to use a paraplegic to make a joke?

      Do you Dems have ANY shame?

      1. I’m not going to try to answer Porter’s point here, but I think. he. is. talking. about. Oscar. Pistorius’. mental. stability.

        There. Said slowly to be easily understandable.

        1. Sorry if someone misinterpreted. The guy murdered his girlfriend. That’s as unstable as Campus Cop’s denial of what’s growing and it’s demand in Brookings (Watertown’s little wannabe). The students and seniors won’t need a bus. There’ll be plenty of folks to catch a ride with.

          1. sure hope there will be a designated driver when they are stopped at law enforcement check points

            1. Police nationwide are strongly behind decriminalization of marijuana. They’re sick of spending time on a misdemeanor with no victim when more pressing matters are at hand. PS… cops overwhelmingly support gun safety regulations such as 15 round ammo mags and required background checks. It’s you gun huggers that are firmly in the minority.

              1. Make sure your sources are correct in quoting Police. Don’t tell me your source was High Times Magazine? Stoners Cookbook?

  2. I really like GOP presidential candidate Governor Chris Christie’s stance on Marijuana legalization. He would reverse what is going on or happened in states and tribal lands that have legalized it. Hopefully he does well in tomorrow nights debate and his campaign builds momentum.

    I’d like to see the office of our Attorney General and law enforcement agencies really be aggressive in containing this to their reservation for the time being until this is reversed.

    1. So Lynn, let me understand your position. You are in favor of the federal government coming into states and overturning what the states have decided? Get that liberal idea out of here.

  3. The Cole Memorandum is simply an advisory opinion from the U.S. Department of Justice, and leaves true enforcement and prosecution decisions up to the local U.S. Attorney. Attorney General Jackley may be able to hold the strings as far as off-reservation goes, but much of this could be ended with Randy Sweir taking a stand in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

  4. The Moody County Fair parade lines up at 5:30 tomorrow, August 6th, in Flandreau.

    Theme this year is “we’ve got a good thing growing.”

    In spite of personal opinions, the Moody County Republicans will be sitting this one out.

    1. …and that will not only make a lot of people happy but will also save many of the Moody County elderly the work of building/riding on the Republican float.

  5. Maybe you could all convince power couple Thune/Rounds to threaten to shut down the government over marijuana.

    That’s been pretty effective so far.

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