South Dakota Gun Owners group leafletting Pierre residents with flyer attacking Hughes County Sheriff

A buddy of mine just sent the below flyer to me, finding it in his door:

The Gun Owners group is going after long-time Sheriff Mike Leidholt, and leafletting homes in the Pierre area with a message that they call his office, and demand that he apologize for his position.

It’s a dumb move, as I don’t think Mike has been challenged for the last few elections, so they’re not going to pressure him that way. And when I was in the Secretary of State’s office way back when, Leidholt was actually at the forefront of working to improve South Dakota’s archaic pistol permitting system as part of the Sheriff’s group.

It’s also a dumb move, as under Jordan Mason, the SDGO had been working towards a bit more respectability. But attacking a member of law enforcement who was reflecting the Sheriff group’s position on why they think we need pistol permits, and their ability to review and deny them?

I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot once again, and only managed to generate sympathy for opponents of the measure.

13 thoughts on “South Dakota Gun Owners group leafletting Pierre residents with flyer attacking Hughes County Sheriff”

  1. Mike is a solid Sheriff…another unwarranted attack…when will this group learn?

  2. They will never learn they are irrelevant and so are the 18 legislatures who support them .

    1. Who are the 18 legislators who support this wacky gun group that lies about the stances of our other legislators and other folks?

    2. 23 in the Senate and 37 in the house.

      I’m guessing some of those yes votes were yes votes because Daugaard was going to veto and they didn’t want to be postcarded.

  3. Give us the name of a non-felon who could not get a CC permit in South Dakota!

    SDGO will continue blasting non-existence 2nd Amendment delinquencies in SD Statutes for their personal fundraising purposes. The Lautenslauger’s Money Pit is South Dakota.

    Unless of course Certified Law Enforcement officers, the office of the Attorney General, DCI, SD Sheriffs Association and a slew of law abiding Gun carrying citizens have it all wrong?!?

    SDGO’s is an organization which will run and hide in the weeds if they are ever implicated in supporting a statute change which created a deadly situation for any citizen or Law Enforcer.

    1. Give us the name of an active criminal (not someone who committed a felony 15 or 20 years ago when they were18 or so) who will get a CC permit so they can carry a gun for a crime they are going to commit. The thing we should look at is how are things progressing in states where constitutional carry is already law. Are they having a rise in crime, a decrease or no change.

      1. I have 0 problem with obtaining a CC permit. You are right that an active criminal will not get a CC permit. Any law-abiding citizen can carry a firearm on their hip if it is in the open. What problem do you have with requiring a law-abiding citizen to obtain a permit if he/she wants to hide it? If that red herring lady who is arrested for carrying her weapon in her purse cannot take the step to get the permit needed, I am wondering why. This requirement is in no way infringing upon my 2nd Amendment rights.

  4. Let’s see.

    Group from someplace attacks a extremely popular local sheriff in his home county.

    Who wins this battle? Not even close. SDGO have just become flat out irrelevant in Hughes County.

  5. I’ll be specific on how this will work.

    For every 10 people in Hughes County who support Constitutional Carry:

    3 people will call Sheriff Mike.
    7 people will change their mind because they trust Sheriff Mike’s judgement.

    I can’t decide whether this or the SDDP having a “I love Obamacare” rally is the stupidest thing I’ve seen this week. But, it is possible they might both make the “Top 5 Dumbest” for 2017.

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