State Senate Picks up a Republican making it 30-5, House loses a (net) Republican making it 59-11

If memory serves me, didn’t we arrange the chairs on the deck similarly last election?  Barring any changes in outcome from recounts, which is unlikely except possibly with Liz May’s razor thin loss of 7 votes, looking at the net wins and losses, Republicans simply moved a number from the House to the Senate, picking up a new Senator, while their house numbers suffered a loss of one.

The State Senate now stands at 30-5, with the House at 59-11, giving the GOP comfortable majorities in both chambers.

Republicans added Billie Sutton’s old seat with Republican Rocky Blare defeating long-time Democrat Julie Bartling – who has often been thought to be unbeatable – in the State Senate.  Other New Senators include Lee Schoenbeck, VJ Smith, Margaret Sutton, and Lynne DiSanto.

The State House was a bit more chaotic with members coming and going, with unexpected wins, but unexpected losses as well.

In District 1, Republican Tamara St. John outworked and overpowered her Democrat opponents by nearly 500 votes, costing Paul Dennert his return to the legislature. Kaleb Weis won in District 2, Carl Perry won in District 3, and Fred Deutsch returned to his old seat, denying Kathy “Jesus is pro-choice” Tyler a similar return.

Republican Doug Post picked up Democrat Spencer Hawley’s term limited seat in D7 (Brookings), while Michael Clark was punished for controversies earlier this year, giving the win to Democrat Michael Saba.

Sioux Falls continued to be tougher territory for the GOP in the midterm election, with Republican Rex Rolfing losing to Dem Kelly Sullivan in D13, and Republican Tom Holmes losing to Democrat Erin Healy.

In District 18, Republican Max Farver lost to Democrat Ryan Cwach, while Republican Caleb Finck moved across the road to be in District 21, and handily picked up the seat.

In District 25, Republican Jon Hansen handily won in the house, with Representative Tom Pischke hanging on to shut out Democrat Dan Ahlers, booting him out of the legislature once again.

In District 27, Liz May was a somewhat surprising casualty of the night being beaten out by Democrat Peri Pourier after winning in tough territory.

Here’s my list… keep in mind that the House Districts run together…

Dist. Cham. First Last Opponent
1 Senate Open Susan Wismer (D) 1
2 Senate Brock L. Greenfield Paul Register (D) 1
3 Senate Al Novstrup Cory Allen Heidelberger (D) 1
4 Senate John Wiik Dennis Evenson (D) 1
5 Senate Lee Schoenbeck Open 1
6 Senate Ernie Otten Jr. Teresa Ann Robbins (D) 1
7 Senate V. J. Smth Mary Perpich (I) 1
8 Senate Jordan Youngberg Scott Parsley (D) 1
8 Senate Wayne Steinhauer Laura Swier Kotelman (D) 1
10 Senate Margaret Sutton Rachel Willson (D) 1
11 Senate Jim Stalzer Kevin Elsing (D) 1
12 Senate Blake Curd Kasey Oliver (D) 1
13 Senate Jack Kolbeck Melissa Hiatt (D) 1
14 Senate Deb Soholt Justyn Hauck (D) 1
15 Senate Open Reynold Nesiba (D) 1
16 Senate Jim Bolin Elizabeth Merrigan (D) 1
17 Senate Arthur Rusch Howard Grinager (D) 1
18 Senate Roger Meyer Craig Kennedy (D) 1
19 Senate Stacey Nelson Ardon Wek (D) 1
20 Senate Joshua Klumb Dan Miller (D) 1
21 Senate Rocky Blare Julie Bartling (D) 1
22 Senate Jim White Eric Bliss (D) 1
23 Senate Justin R. Cronin Joe Yracheta (D) 1
24 Senate Jeff Monroe Amanda Bachmann (D) 1
25 Senate Kris Langer Brian Wirth (I), Peter Klebanoff (I) 1
26 Senate Joel Koskan Troy Heinert (D) 1
27 Senate Bill Hines Red Dawn Foster (D) 1
28 Senate Ryan Maher Alli Moran (D) 1
29 Senate Gary L. Cammack Matt Kammerer (D) 1
30 Senate Lance Russell Gideon Oakes (L), Kristine Ina Winter (D) 1
31 Senate Bob Ewing Sherry Bea Smith (D) 1
32 Senate Alan Solano Ayla Rodriguez (D) 1
33 Senate Phil Jensen Ryan A. Ryder (D) 1
34 Senate Jeff Partridge Zach VanWyk (D) 1
35 Senate Lynne DiSanto Pat Cromwell (D) 1
Totals 30 5
Dist. Cham. First Last Opponent R D
1 House Tamara St. John Paul Dennert 1
1 House Open Steven McCleerey 1
2 House Lana Greenfield Jenae Hansen 1
2 House Kaleb Weis Mike McHugh 1
3 House Drew Dennert Justin Roemmick 1
3 House Carl Perry Brooks Briscoe 1
4 House Fred Deutsch Kathy Tyler (D), Daryl Root (L) 1
4 House John Mills Jim Chilson 1
5 House Hugh Bartels Brett Ries 1
5 House Nancy York Diana Hane 1
6 House Herman Otten Kyle Boese 1
6 House Isaac Latterell Nancy Kerstein 1
7 House Doug Post Cory Ann Ellis (I), Zach Kovach (D) 1
7 House Tim Reed Bill Adamson (D) 1
8 House Marli Wiese Chris Francis (D) 1
8 House Randy Gross Jason Unger (D) 1
9 House Michael Clark Michael Saba (D) 1
9 House Deb Peters Toni Miller (D) 1
10 House Steven Haugaard Barbara Saxton (D) 1
10 House Doug Barthel Dean Kurtz (D) 1
11 House Mark Willadsen Margaret Kuipers (D) 1
11 House Chris Karr Sheryl Johnson (D) 1
12 House Manny Steele Kasey Oliver (D) 1
12 House Arch Beal Jeff Hayward (D) 1
13 House Rex Rolfing
13 House Sue Peterson Kelly Sullivan (D) 1  1
14 House Tom Holmes Justyn Hauck (D)
14 House Larry P. Zikmund Erin Healy (D) 1 1
15 House Open Jamie Smith (D) 1
15 House Open Linda Duba (D) 1
16 House David Anderson Chad Skiles (D) 1
16 House Kevin Jensen Mike Steinbrecher (D) 1
17 House Nancy Rasmussen Ray Ring (D) Gregory Baldwin (L) 1 1
17 House Open John Gors (D)
18 House Max Farver Ryan Cwach 1
18 House Jean Hunhoff Terry Crandall 1
19 House Kyle Schoenfish Alison Bowers (I), John Koch (D) 1
19 House Kent Peterson Roger Hofer (I) 1
20 House Lance Koth Ione Klinger (D) 1
20 House Paul Miskimins James Schorzmann (D) 1
21 House Caleb Finck Anna Andersson (D) 1
21 House Lee Qualm Faith Spotted Eagle (D) 1
22 House Bob Glanzer Tyler Volesky (D) 1
22 House Roger Chase 1
23 House John Lake Eleanor Iverson (D) 1
23 House Spencer Gosch Margaret Walsh (D) 1
24 House Tim Rounds Brian Watterson (D) 1
24 House Mary Duvall Terry Keller (D) 1
25 House Jon Hansen Dan Ahlers (D) 1
25 House Tom Pischke Bj Motley (D) 1
26A House Open Shawn Bordeaux (D) 1
26B House Rebecca Reimer Debra Smith (D) 1
27 House Steve Livermont Margaret Ross (D) 1
27 House Elizabeth May Peri Pourier (D) 1
28A House OPEN Oren Lesmeister (D) 1
28B House (B) J Sam Marty Jason Hill (L) 1
29 House Thomas Brunner Jake Addison (D) 1
29 House Kirk Chaffee Michael McManus (D) 1
30 House Tim Goodwin Karen McGregor (D) 1
30 House Julie Frye-Mueller Whitney Raver (D) 1
31 House Timothy R. Johns Wyatt Osthus (D) 1
31 House Chuck Turbiville Naveen Malik (D) 1
32 House Scyller Borglum Bill Knight (D) 1
32 House Chris Johnson Susan Kelts (D) 1
33 House David Johnson Lilias Jarding (D) 1
33 House Taffy Howard Nick Reid (I) 1
34 House Jess Olson Brian Davis (D) 1
34 House Michael Diedrich George Nelson (D) 1
35 House Tina Mulally Bo Sistak (D) 1
35 House Tony Randolph Michael T Hanson (D) 1
Totals 59 11

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