Steve Haugaard appears to be running for Governor by lulling us all to a deep sleep.

Good gosh. I think I’m dying.

I was remarking in the last couple of days that candidate for Governor Steve Haugaard hadn’t put out any press in getting close to a month now, which is pretty darned unusual for someone running for Governor.  And last night, it appears that the question was answered – Steve is shifting to video messages being put out on Facebook while he’s stuck in Pierre for session.

But then I started watching. And watching. And it continued to go on and on and on.  And on. With a delivery style that seems designed to lull us into a catatonic state, Haugaard hits us with a nearly 5 minute emotionless monotone video lecture on what he did yesterday.  I hate to be critical, but this is so boring it’s unwatchable.

Is this going to be what all of his campaign videos look like? Because no one wants to sign up to be lectured on a daily or weekly basis.  Team Haugaard had better change things up pretty quick if this is what the campaign is going to be for the next three months.

8 thoughts on “Steve Haugaard appears to be running for Governor by lulling us all to a deep sleep.”

  1. My mom kept the Journal for the better part of 20 years and she’d be the first person to say that’s the last thing a candidate should talk about in
    a campaign speech.

    1. It would beat another four years of Noem campaigning around the country and talking only about herself. Might even save some people their jobs that refuse to cow tail to her.

  2. Gosh…I better update my voter registration from No Party to Republican just so his loss is that much greater.

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