Stolen from facebook: Congresswoman Noem visits an important South Dakota icon

Congresswoman Noem is pictured here visiting an important South Dakota icon with her family…


While the State Capitol building is nice, if you’re a Pierre expatriate, you know there’s 2 specific stops you need to make when you’re in town; The Donut Shop at the top of the Euclid (before 8 – 8:30 am, when all the good ones are gone), and when in season, the Zesto’s ice cream building at 213 W. Capitol Avenue ran by Barb & Rick Newman.

Darn it. Now I want a blueberry cake donut from the Donut Shop.

6 Replies to “Stolen from facebook: Congresswoman Noem visits an important South Dakota icon”

  1. Dakota Conservative

    Never been to the Donut Shop, but Zesto’s is a must stop when you are in Pierre!!!

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Best donuts you’ll ever have. Blueberry are my (and Senator Rounds’) favorite.

      1. Dakota Conservative

        I will have to look it up. Blueberry is one of my favorites. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Mhs

    The trifecta, circa Mickelson admin time, was banana donut breakfast, footlong Palmer dog lunch and Cattlemen’s Special burger at the D&E (about 2 am).

  3. Troy Jones

    MHS: Perfect summer day in the 70’s (if you could finagle enough money from mom)

    Ride bike to Donut shop and get creme filled long johns with nuts, eat at Hilger’s Gulch behind Burke’s house, go to pool hall, shoot pool while eating pickled eggs and that pre-prepared cheeseburger for lunch, go jump off the train bridge, supper at Shield’s drive-inn, shoot hoops at Lincoln grade school (the girls all lived close) unless the jackbutts from the class of ’78 made us go to Jefferson or St. Joes, Zesto and then be home before the whistle blew at 10.

    1. Anonymous

      I think how much we ran around the town as kids, and how there’s no way I’d let me kids do that nowadays. 🙂