Summer studies on Meandered lakes, Initiative & Referendum, and more.

From the Argus, it looks like meandered lakes will be the hot topic this summer in legislative studies:

South Dakota lawmakers will take the summer to study the impact of a Supreme Court decision on the use of non-meandered waters.

The Executive Board on Tuesday voted to approve the creation and appointment of a 15-member task force that will delve into previous legislation on the subject and understand how the court’s decision has affected the rights of private landowners and outdoorsmen.


The panel also approved a summer study that will look into the state’s shortages in workforce housing. Members were not appointed to that committee on Tuesday. They’ll also consider the state’s campaign finance laws and the initiative and referendum process in separate summer studies.

Read it here.

Did the legislature miss the ball? Or are they on top of what they need to be doing?

2 Replies to “Summer studies on Meandered lakes, Initiative & Referendum, and more.”

  1. MC

    The Issue of non-meandered waters, has been simmering for several years now. It is time we took the issue by the horns and deal with it. The sooner the better.

    On the workforce housing issue, I’m not too sure what, if anything, the state can do. Yes it is an issue that is statewide, however, it is up the local communities, cities, towns, neighborhoods, etc. how to solve the issue.

  2. Troy Jones


    I guess if one doesn’t know what the state can do on workforce housing then it is a good idea to study the issue. That said, at minimum, the state can marshall resources and information which the localities can utilize for local solutions. In our effort to have small government and local control, we too often fail to appreciate the ability of the State to pull together information which keeps our local governments most efficient and effective by helping them not to reinvent the wheel 100’s of times across the state.


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