56 thoughts on “Tapio for Congress releases new video – Announcement Tour”

  1. You may disagree with him,but it is a solid effective ad.

    You have the candidate speaking, real people and a message.

    1. It’s really amateurish. Not good quality. Not engaging. If you aren’t him or in the tank you will never watch it. Nothing grabs you. Dusty gives a better pitch on Facebook holding his iPhone.

      1. Dusty, could you bring me another tootsie roll? The subtle psychology of linking your image with sugary sweets and satiety is wearing off.

  2. That sound track of the political ad is so somber as if it were to be used as the camera pans a sacred place like Arlington National Cemetery not a political ad.

    1. Anon 6:54, ‘cue 70’s porn soundtrack’, guess we know what you were doing in the 70’s.

    1. More than Obummer, Clinton, and pretty much the whole DC Demo crowd, yes. At least Nelson only hung out in the bathroom; Hillary kept her server there.

      1. If Trump really loves the “Rule of Law,” then why doesn’t he enforce the new sanctions against Russia that passed last year bi-partisanly in an overwhelmingly way?….. I guess when you go Russian, you don’t go back, huh?….. And when you go Russia, it becomes the “Rule of Putin.”

        #WWRD? (Reagan)

        As far as Nelson, well, he was probably working on a bathroom bill and Hillary, well, she doesn’t speak for me nor do I feel a need to defend her….

          1. no nerve issues here – just a really dumb joke you keep perpetuating. It’s like the terrible joke you keep repeating to hopefully catch traction.

    1. Do you know where dusTee stands on immigration? From my understanding, one could say he supports the same policies Tapio does. Tapio just has guts to say it out loud.

        1. And you, EC, know better than to admit your some sort of stable genius.

          Did you see the pro-life bill, committee voted 6-2 to pass the measure. Love those babies and don’t forget to support their mothers;)

          1. If the President can be a “Stable Genius,” then it is safe to say that we are all “Stable Geniuses.”

            No, I didn’t see the bill. So how much is that bill going to cost the State of South Dakota to unsuccessfully defend? Money that could be used for education for our youth, or to expand Medicaid to South Dakota, in order to save lives…..

            1. How much does it cost tax payers to have PlannedParenthood perform abortions? You know PP accepts Medicaid? I’d prefer $$ go to save lives than have babies torn from their mother’s womb and then watch mothers live with increased anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or turn to drugs/alcohol for the rest of their lives because they know they’ve killed their offspring.

              Give me some of your credible statistics showing us how putting more $$ into education helps our youth. From what I’ve seen, money allotted to each student has done minimal to change scores, but you’re the “genius” so I’ll wait for you to tell me how throwing money at students increases test scores and IQ levels.

              1. Have you ever heard of the Hyde Amendment? Medicaid hasn’t been used for abortions for over 35+ years.

                As far as education, you mean you want to spend less? But to answer your question, I say it is safe to say there is a correlation between teacher pay and teacher longevity in their careers; and such longevity extremely enhances the quality of education for our children.

          2. Love those babies and don’t forget to support their mothers;)

            So why did HB 1153 get dumped to the 41st day? I guess “loving babies and mothers” isn’t really the agenda here.

            Oh! Oops. I see you placed a winky emoticon there. So you’re “all for babies and moms” *wink *wink *nudge *nudge

  3. Is Tapio going to resign from the state Senate to campaign? Doesn’t seem like he’s shown up much lately in Pierre. Hard to take a guy seriously for a future job when he doesn’t show up for his current one.

  4. every time i hear ‘the republican party is broken’ the fix is always a form of cultish bircherism or watered down libertarianism. the middle of the country is where it is, people, and it’s ripe for being served. this state’s winners get that done, and this state’s whiners on both sides claim that the winners are somehow ‘broken’ and the extreme right or left is the best path left. lol whatever.

    1. Maybe, just maybe that’s directed toward law-abiding citizens? Felons are not treated with the same respect and dignity. Many are not allowed to vote, some aren’t allowed to carry firearms and some are sentenced to death. Be careful, changing someone’s narrative doesn’t help your credibility or your ability to be a neutral source for information. You have made a career going to college for journalism, right? Report the facts, isn’t that taught in 100 level courses? Tsk, tsk.

      Saw a pic of you with Hilary Clinton, you look great;)

      1. “You’ve made a career going to college for journalism, right?”

        Do you mean: “Because you’ve went to college you’ve made a career in journalism with your degree”?

        I’m trying to get what you’re saying- but the thoughts are scattered… clarification please.

        I also have a photo with Bill & Hillary & still think she’d have been better than Trump, Obama, or Romney. The fringes frequently forget the moderates- those who usually decide general election results.

        1. You changed the entire meaning of my sentence, a fine example of Leftist word games and changing the narrative. People have college careers. While being interviewed, graduates brag about colleges they’ve attended and degrees earned – their college career. Clearly you’re wrestling with what I said, look within;)

          Moderate? Please. Abortion on demand makes me sick. You’ve never seen a video of how a late-term abortion is performed, have you? Your girl HC supports this method of abortion. Want to dive into Benghazi, Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation abandoning Haitians, or the fake dossier paid for by HC and the DNC? You pick which one you want to justify.

          Your last comment is enough to understand just how real indoctrination is at universities and there’s no doubt it’s moved into our public schools. Have you met the gender unicorn? Joe Rogan featuring Jordan Peterson may help clarify what I mean;)

            1. Alex Jones = Joe Rogan + Jordan Peterson = fringe? How did you come to that conclusion? Please, elaborate. I listen to Rogan and Peterson and if you did, you’d know you too are making uneducated statements.

  5. I can’t wait til Tapi-oca is defeated in the Primary. His ads and speeches are slimy. This is not what SD wants or needs representing us in DC. We are a diverse state and we need a leader who stands up for that diversity & has respect for the cultures we are blessed to share here in SD. His campaign of fear mongering and lies stinks. BTW anyone else hear he doesn’t even live in Watertown?

    #NoPuddingforSD #NOTapi-oca2018

  6. Did Sen. Tapio abandon his current elected duties As a St Senator already? He has missed time in Pierre already. As he promotes his massive ego. He seemingly has left his duties in the Senate to campaign. I’m disappointed. Mike

    1. Senator Tapio has a higher calling than wasting time in some state senate position. He is channeling the late Senator Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin in attempt to save our Republic. Be ready for speeches to shake America to it’s core!

  7. The video doesn’t mention that Tapio lives in his parents’ basement in Watertown or anything about his family. He has a family, doesn’t he? A wife? A husband?

    1. Evidently Sage is not the wise person that he thinks he is. Tapio lived briefly with his dad, his mother died 8 years ago. Tapio came back to Watertown 7 years ago to help organize things and do some remodeling for his dad, as his father was in the early stages of dementia. When done, Neal moved to his own place. PS Ed died over a year ago. Shows that you don’t know of what you speak, Sage.

      1. Sage (ie Spice man!)

        So Tapio takes care of his parents and is being criticized for it….

        You may have reasons to attack him but this should not be one of them.

        1. I agree. Questions, accusations, or innuendo that is about a son caring for his parents is inappropriate.

          BTW, a few years ago My wife and I were evicted from our house and we moved into my Parents townhouse during their annual sojourn to Arizona. Fortunately, our daughter, her husband, and four kids allowed us to move back in when the house they built was completed (late I might add).

      2. I don’t remember seeing this information before anywhere that Tapio’s parents are no longer above ground. The last I saw on this blog, Sen. Tapio’s parents lived out of state and the lake home in Watertown was in their name. Maybe other commenters who posted that here don’t know any more than I do, but then I’m just asking questions not making assertions.

        So if anonymous here has some information about Tapio moving into his own house, tell us all where his own house is. Is the Watertown lake house in his parents’ names, or in Neal’s name? Is’s Neal’s own house in Rapid City, or in Watertown? And if anyone has any information about Tapio having a spouse or kids, go ahead and inform us. I did search the internet without success.

        You would think a candidate would provide some basic information that people want to know.

        1. GOOGLE – Tapio Watertown Obituaries Then extrapolate a deceased’s home in a will to a son.

  8. In general and overall, it was good until the person who said she wanted him to be President. Ya think it not imprudent to see how one performs before putting him to the top of the class?

    While one can’t control one’s zealot sycophants, Tapio can control what goes in his ads. That was a crazy statement and indicates the candidate is a megalomaniac or it would have been cut.

  9. “Take a stand, not a poll” will fit on a bumper sticker. Mr Powers should start printing them now. First candidate to put his or her name on it will win this thing.

  10. Sen. Tapio’s mom passed away in 2011 and was joined in Heaven by Rev. Tapio last year.
    Let’s try to research before foot enters mouth.

    1. Agreed, Tara. However, if this is the the same “Jake” who said Tapio looks like a racist, he probably should focus on why he made such an ignorant statement and maybe if he himself is a racist.

  11. The music behind the video/announcement is from the movie Apollo 13 and was composed by James Horner.

    From a quick internet search “According to ASCAP, the unauthorized use of music in campaign videos often runs afoul of copyright law, the right of publicity and dilution and false endorsement under trademark law. Also, a political campaign should “contact the song’s publisher and possibly the artist’s record label to negotiate the appropriate licenses with them.” Importantly, “campaign videos containing music that are posted on the Internet also require these licenses.”

    Just curious if Tapio respected this law and if he actually contacted Horner and received permission to use this music. I suspect not.

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