“South Dakotans for Trump” for Tapio? That’s at least what I read on Facebook.

Had a reader send me this one that popped up in his facebook feed:

What you’re seeing is a promoted (i.e., paid) post coming from the South Dakota for Donald Trump Facebook page noting that Congressional candidate Neal Tapio’s facebook page is live.

If you dig further into the page, there is a note which gives indication that – at least in the past – Tapio has at least some control over what’s posted on this Facebook page:

The Facebook group in question has been completely dormant since November 2016 and through all of 2017, until a few days ago when the above post was made.

Clearly, the ad is being placed out there to give the impression that the Trump campaign has a connection with the Tapio campaign. And while Neal did work with the campaign in 2016, there’s been no indication of an endorsement in the Congressional race yet.

What do you think? Is this a shrewd campaign tactic as Tapio attempts to gain the upper hand in a congressional race that’s approaching all too fast?

9 thoughts on ““South Dakotans for Trump” for Tapio? That’s at least what I read on Facebook.”

  1. He’s stalker creepy obsessed with gaining the affection of a man he’s never met.

    If I’m Johnson or Krebs I just respond to him by saying Trump needs leaders who can get something done.

    He couldn’t pass a resolution last year praising Trump in a legislature that is 83% Republican. How much more ineffective does it get?

    It says all anyone needs to know about his ability to be SD’s lone voice in DC with slim Republican majorities.

    He can’t even get SD republicans to work together and they are fairly similar.

  2. I don’t care if he gets an endorsement from Jesus Christ (who, of course would never endorse a bigot like Tapio) he still would have zero chance of winning!

  3. The first thing he is doing is he’s affecting the race. Is getting a lot of media attention I don’t know if this translates into votes but he’s going big and trying to get the most people to know his name.

    Dusty is a grinder and policy guy. He appears to be leading to me.

    Shantal is not running a good campaign. I am very surprised.

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