Terry LaFleur: Diversity is “BS,” “reverse discrimination.” But special treatment for himself is ok.

Dark horse GOP Gubernatorial candidate Terry Lee LaFleur has some choice words about diversity this morning, referring to it as “BS,” and equating it with “reverse discrimination”:

I find it odd that someone running for Governor seemingly claiming that diversity hiring is ‘BS’ and ‘reverse discrimination’ had accessed special treatment in law school, and has previously sued the State Bar in 2006 seeking accommodations under the ADA – the Americans with Disabilities Act:

Terry Lee LaFleur failed to pass the South Dakota bar examination on three occasions.   On his last attempt, he failed even though the South Dakota Board of Bar Examiners granted his request for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).   Those accommodations included time and one half to take the exam and a private, distraction free room.   Prior to a fourth attempt, LaFleur requested double time and other accommodations, but the Board only granted the accommodations provided on the third attempt.   LaFleur appeals.   We affirm.


While in law school, LaFleur experienced difficulties maintaining acceptable grades and was placed on academic probation.   He underwent psychological testing by Dr. Robert J. Fabiano.   Dr. Fabiano diagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Inattentive Type) and Major Depressive Disorder (Single Episode, Mild).   Thereafter, LaFleur received special accommodations in law school, including additional time to take examinations and the use of a private testing room.   With these accommodations, LaFleur met the requirements for graduation.

Read that here.

So, according to LaFleur, diversity hiring practices – which include encouraging the hiring of qualified people with disabilities – would be reverse discrimination and BS. Despite his own use of special accommodations in his schooling, and suing the state bar for the same.

Kind of ironic.

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