Thune #10 most popular Senator in Country, according to Morning Consult

South Dakota still loves our Senior US Senator, Mr. John Thune, according to Morning Consult:

Morning Consult lists Senator Thune as the #10 most popular Senator in the Country when comparing approval/disapproval in his state as ranked against his peers.

And Mike Rounds isn’t very far behind with a 50% approval, and 34% disapproval for a +16.

22 thoughts on “Thune #10 most popular Senator in Country, according to Morning Consult”

  1. Bernie is #1! Guess that says all you need to know about this. I agree that Thune is popular, but Bernie?!

    1. Integrity?? Not for the good of the USA. His policies would destroy this great nation. Doesnt that mean more than his “integrity?”

    1. Well, I’m a Republican (life long) and I love Bernie. He’s the only one I see anymore who even pretends to care about ordinary people. Just remember your history: it was a Republican president who proposed universal health care and a Democrat who killed it. Now, we have both parties bloviating on about **access** to health care, which is really just insurance company subsidies at the expense of doctors, nurses, and patients.

      1. How is it caring for ordinary people by offering them everything free. There is no free. Somebody else pays for it…..i.e. the ordinary people.

        1. Yet we’re paying for it right now and not getting anything for it. I have never heard Sanders say he was “offering them everything free,” or that we weren’t going to pay for heath care. What I have heard him say is that when you consider how much people pay now — and that includes businesses paying for employees, it would cost us less to go to a true single payer because we wouldn’t be paying all the overhead we do now. What I have also seen and heard is the press and politicians on insurance company $$, lie about what he says. Kind of like the way they lied about what Trump said during the last campaign. It’s divide and stir things up for ratings and their profits

  2. Thune’s numbers used to be higher, though; and he’s less popular than a socialist.

  3. And SD is a bunch of redneck conservatives. That point is why these rankings are dumb and I can never figure out why Pat posts them. The most lopsided states in terms of party makeup will have candidates at the top of this list. Nothing suggests they are “better” senators, or it would be impossible to reconcile Bernie and Thune being on the same list.

  4. I read in the same article that Governor Norm was one of the most ‘unpopular’ Governors in the country.

    1. Now THAT would be news. Pat, can you post the results of the governor version of this same “poll”?

  5. It’s a Politico poll. Know that first. Check into Politico’s politics. Then ask why you find it promoted, here.

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