Tom Daschle FINALLY registers as a lobbyist.

Tom Daschle has finally bitten the bullet, and has given up on using the loophole in the federal lobbying laws that bears his name.

Because as of a couple days ago Daschle has signed up to be a lobbyist:

Under the statutory definition of a lobbyist, policy advisers don’t have to register if they avoid direct contact with lawmakers or spend less than 20 percent of their time lobbying. The provision became widely known as the Daschle loophole.

Daschle has maintained that his activities didn’t qualify as lobbying, but those who worked with him said he didn’t want the scarlet L to jeopardize his prospects of returning to public office. His nomination to be Obama’s health secretary was nevertheless thwarted by a tax error. He still became a key adviser to the White House on the Affordable Care Act.

Daschle previously registered with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agents Registration Act to represent Taiwan. He’s currently promoting a book co-authored with his Republican counterpart, Trent Lott, now also a lobbyist.

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