Unfortunate headline of the day.

From Sibby Online.

Um. Er….. Steve, you might might want to edit that one.

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  1. anon1

    How sad that the seven RINO’s, that seem to side more with the dems, don’t even understand or care about the lawmaking process in South Dakota.

    We have a very good rule that says any content of a bill must be germane to the bills’ title. That keeps us from tagging on unending, non-related amendments to bills, like they do in Washington. In order to follow that rule, legislators need what are known as vehicle bills. These bills have a generic title that allow the legislators to form compromises, or add new ideas to a topic as the session nears an end.

    Maybe new ideas or compromises are things that the dems and seven rinos don’t want?? I can’t see any other reasons for voting against vehicle bills…other than being slow learners.

    1. Anonymous

      South Dakota GOP has devolved to idiot Nancy Pelosi telling viters that “they need to pass the bill to find out what they are going to put in the bill?!”

      Are these people intentionally trying to get more Democrats elected?!

      Who is giving these people political advice? Larry, Curly, & Moe?!

      1. anon1

        The SDGOP hasn’t gotten to that point, but clearly the seven rino’s have… They run for office based on ego, and don’t even understand what’s going on…

      2. Anonymous

        This continues to play into “Republicans are corrupt.” There’s a reason there is no press release by The GOP advocating for passing an empty bill.

        You have no leg to stand on here and you look absurd trying to call anyone a “RINO” for opposing this idiocy.

        1. anon1

          These sort of bills have been introduced every year for 50 or 60 years… It’s a vehicle to put a clean bill together if a new idea or compromise is reached near the end of session.

          Clearly, I’m not the one who looks “absurd”… If you understood the process, you’d know this was as common as an amendment.