Unsolicited e-mail of the day.

Had this in my in-box when I woke up. And it was funny, so it passes the worthwhile test.

Mr. Danielson,

Tending to my sick child has kept me up this late, so I’ll make my response very direct so I can get back to him. 

Your claims below are baseless and deceitful. Your characterization of the conversation you, myself, Lorie, and two other employees witnessed is entirely wrong. 

There was no delay in posting disclosures to the web. In fact, we have no obligation to post to the internet but do so as a convenience to citizens, which we obviously support.

No documents have been “tampered with” by this office. I am not even sure what you mean by your assertion, but the documents posted to the web and in our office are accurate.

I am not sure what xxx N Phillips Ave has to do with your request.

I don’t need a lecture from you about oaths. I’ve taken an oath to this country and its laws; I’ve upheld that oath through two war campaigns and over 20 years of service to our country.

You probably need sleep more than I do. Get it. When you wake up get your facts straight (a spell checker will also help.)

Thomas Greco

10 Replies to “Unsolicited e-mail of the day.”

  1. Anonymous

    <3 <3 <3 If all public servants would have the ability/permission/bravery to respond to despicable comments/assertions in such a manner. Mr. Greco gets big kudos for this.

  2. mhs

    Good for Tom. His only mistake was responding via email vs. saying it in to a TV camera so the whole City could see.

  3. South DaCola

    It will be posted later this afternoon with the original email sent, that Pat should have a copy of but failed to post. No worries on this side, we simply asked for some open record financial reports and it apparently hit a nerve.

  4. Owen Meany

    Whew! I was worried for just a moment there that perhaps you guys were incorrect in an assumption or a tad misguided.

    Not like that would ever happen!

  5. Vetran

    Adding this blog as a reciepent to the email and the contents of the email is highly unprofessional and Mr. Greco needs to be fired for it. As a veteran, you should know to hold yourself in a higher standard and not stoop to this foulness.