US Senate Candidate Scyller Borglum’s October 2019 FEC Report: 10.2k raised, 12.3k spent, 12k loan, 9.8k cash on hand.

Scyller Borglum, Republican candidate for US Senate has filed her first FEC report.

Scyller Borglum October FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

The Report notes $10,155.48 raised, $12,300.97 spent, a $12,000 loan to the campaign, with $9754.51 cash on hand.

Compared to her potential opponent US Senator Mike Rounds, who has been raising $600k+/quarter with 1.4 Million cash on hand, that’s a divide she has to bridge, and the air war hasn’t even had a glimmer of starting yet.

The cash has largely come from out of state in addition to her personal loan. By far her biggest expense has been her campaign staffer, Ashley Granby, who received around $8800 of the $12k spent, for facebook marketing, website creation, and her management fees.  I’ve received 3 press releases from Ashley in the quarter, so I’m assuming this is for a lot of setting up the campaign.

I don’t think Scyller lacks for willingness or ability to campaign, as she’s been doing plenty of traveling and social media.  However, a campaign is not just ideas. It’s an organization with a lot of moving parts to support the candidate in their role, with petitioning coming right around the corner in January.

From the report, it looks as if both her circle of donors and workers needs to be more robust. Scyller needs to expand her organization, whether paid or volunteer, and be ready to go on January 1.

There’s still lots of time in this race, but the next quarter is traditionally a tough one with the holiday season. We’ll find out how it’s going when the year-end report hits.

More to come!

10 thoughts on “US Senate Candidate Scyller Borglum’s October 2019 FEC Report: 10.2k raised, 12.3k spent, 12k loan, 9.8k cash on hand.”

  1. Well the writing is certainly on the wall now. Pretty sobering for a candidate to learn they have no support or traction.

    1. That’s the most damning thing in this report. The reporting threshold is $200. She doesn’t have ten friends willing to kick in $200? Or, people who for whatever reason don’t like Mike Rounds – after all his years in public office there’s at least a few of those here and there.

      It reminds me of what George McGovern said after he ran for president and carried one state in 1972: “I wanted to run for President in the worst way, and I think I did.”

  2. I see that one of the donors is from our community – Micheal Christians. You can read about him at Christians v Christians Supreme Court of South Dakota.December 5, 2001637 N.W.2d 3772001 S.D. 142, and a few other colorful local news stories. Not where you’d normally want to start to build a base

    1. That’s why folks call her Scyller Blue. Her vociferous defenders seem to be democrats (+ a few never Trumpers).

      Whatever. We can agree to disagree. If you support President Trump, vote for Mike Rounds. If you despise Trump, vote for Scyller. Cool?

      Just read the SC case Senator Schoenbeck cited. Wow.

  3. Interesting to compare the report to her campaign finance disclosure report when a running up for a district 32. The legislative report shows total income of $7511.46. Of that amount, $1300 came from candidate committees and $4950 from political action committees. $855 came from individuals.

  4. I feel bad for her husband since he is likely bankrolling her campaign. Has Borglum even had a real job for the past 5 years? Looks like she has only really had a job for 6 out of the last 20+ years. She may be book smart from all of her schooling, but she doesn’t seem to have very much common sense.

    1. That comment by Duke shows that the depth of the far right cult of the Republican party in South Dakota is alive and well. What job did Thune have prior to entering politics…a basketball player; or what job did Rounds have…an insurance agent? It is Thune and Rounds who don’t have any background to conduct the job they were elected to do and because SD doesn’t have any media outlets to educate its citizens or investigative reporters who hold Thune and Rounds accountable, they will go on being the favorite sons of a dysfunctional and uneducated South Dakota voting class. As a result Thune and Rounds are a pay for play Senators only representing those that support them and is a very dangerous game for America.

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