Week 5 Update from the South Dakota Senate Republican Caucus

Alan Solano and his waiter…. (Just kidding, Mike is ok, I’m just emphatically not a bow tie person) Mike Vehle give the Week 5 update for the South Dakota Senate Republican Caucus.

9 Replies to “Week 5 Update from the South Dakota Senate Republican Caucus”

  1. Anonymous

    Is Senator Vehle a magician or a small town attorney? Because that bow tie tells me he might have a different occupation we don’t know about.

  2. Anonymous

    I appreciate the work Senator Vehle put into researching and looking for solutions regarding funding of our roads.

  3. Anonymous

    I got a kick out of watching the other guy’s facial expressions as the other was talking. I especially got a charge out of Vehle’s !

  4. Troy Jones

    Loved the pic of Governor Mickelson.

    Agree the bow tie doesn’t work for a guy with a round face.

    And, side not, today is Senator Jim Abdnor’s Birhtday.

  5. enquirer

    i’m guessing that each week the spokesperson is reading from a teleprompter, some weeks it’s better than others. of course the content itself is always great.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m impressed with these videos and the quality.

    Vehle has played his part for the Governor’s office beautifully. Propose a $100 million tax increase and then get panned for it. Meanwhile the Governor swoops in with a $50 million increase and everyone says “hey look how reasonable the governor is because he’s only asking for half as much as Vehle.”

    Meanwhile taxes go up for the foreseeable future.


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