Westerhuis & Phelps ran Lower Brule Schools through AIII?

There’s an interesting story this AM from KCCR Radio that two of the people involved in the mishandling of GEAR UP program funds may also have some ‘splainin’ to do in terms of how Lower Brule Schools have been run for the Reservation:

A new report from the US Department of Justice indicates over 1.3 million dollars in federal grant money was spent on unallowable costs on the Lower Brule Reservation.

According to Arvind Ganesan from Human Rights Watch, two familiar names Scott Westerhuis and Stacy Phelps, were also a part of the flow of money…

Read, and listen to the story here.

Apparently, the entity under question, AIII, had been brought in to run schools for the reservation.

6 Replies to “Westerhuis & Phelps ran Lower Brule Schools through AIII?”

  1. Anonymous

    More tribal governance cheating their members, the US government, and the US taxpayer.

    It would be sad if not so outrageous.

  2. MC

    Some how I don’t think they are done yet.

    Let the investigators investigate and keep digging until they hit bottom Who know what they will find.

  3. Michael Wyland

    So we now have a link between the Jandreau/Lower Brule Sioux Tribe (LBST) scandal and the MidCentral Educational Cooperative (MCEC), AIII, Stacy Phelps, and Scott Westerhuis.

    This means two things at least: 1) the GEAR UP scandal investigations continue to broaden as LBST issues become involved; and 2) it emphasizes the fact that MCEC’s problems *may* extend far beyond the GEAR UP program alone.

    “SD GEAR UP” may become a term like Watergate, in that the scandal started there but included a lot of other people and events.

    1. Anonymous

      All that, Mr. Wyland, and four children perished because of their parents’ greed and self-regard.