Which one of these headlines actually deserves our legislator’s time?

Which one of these Argus Leader headlines actually deserves our legislator’s time, as well as our tax dollars, to be spent on them?

This one?

Or this one?

Your thoughts?

31 Replies to “Which one of these headlines actually deserves our legislator’s time?”

  1. Anonymous

    nosh–snack…we need a state snack? do other state’s have this?

    This is the kind of legislation that makes all lawmakers look bad….don’t they have better things to do with their time?

  2. Troy Jones

    My wife grew up in Bon Homme which is the home of chislic. However, I grew up in Potter where Tiger Meat is king. This is not of small consequence.

    If the legislators from north central South Dakota allow this chislic designation to go forward, their constituents should throw the bums out. Lake, Cronin, are you going to sit idly by and let this happen? Chislic isn’t even clear what it is made of (lamb or beer) or how it is made (deep fat fried or pan fried/sauteed or grilled). Tiger Meat is raw hamburger with onions, peppers, garlic powder and garlic salt. It knows what it is.

    1. Slick

      I guess I didn’t know you could make chislic out of beer ! No one in their right mind would eat any meat raw, it’s not healthy. That’s why God gave us fire. (Hamburger from what animal, a tiger?)

  3. Jaa Dee

    Rep. Peterson initial text would have dished out as much as a year in jail and a $2,000 fine for creating any replica of the Great Seal of South Dakota that did not include every detail specified by state law, including the state motto, “Under God the People Rule.”

    I suppose that one is needed?

    1. Troy Jones

      C’mon Steve. Sure, and the next thing you know some West River yahoo is going to be pushing antelope or jackelope. Chislic is a distance second to Tiger Meat but it is still second.

      1. Anonymous

        I would guess a majority of South Dakotans have never heard of “Tiger Meat”, so I can’t imagine Chislic is second to an unknown mish-mash of ingredients.

  4. Anonymous

    Chislic is good especially dipped in Heinz 57 sauce but my vote would be Tiger Meat from Ken’s Supermarket in Aberdeen and the other locations. Their recipe is the best. Raw ground sirloin with their special recipe topped on a saltine cracker and an Ice Cold Grain Belt.

    1. Miranda Gohn

      Family tradition for New Years is to include Tiger Meat from Kens and on special occasions the rest of the year.

  5. Pat Powers Post author

    Troy, I hadn’t even thought of it, but you are correct.

    Tiger Meat is being ignored, and that’s a value added ag product! Not just fried sheep with salt!

  6. Michael Wyland

    Seriously, legislators need something to do in the first week or two (or three?) weeks of session while the important bills are being negotiated and/or heard in committee. These bills also provide good “practice” for new legislators to learn the process without being attacked by all and sundry.

    1. Ike

      I was going to say something snarky on this article, but this is a pretty good answer. I’m adding Mr. Wyland to the list of people I would buy a beer for.

  7. El Rayo X

    No cattlemen present. Calf nuts, deep fried with horseradish on the side. That should get the future school kids talking about South Dakota.

  8. Troy


    Practice does not justify a bad decision. It is now obvious the liberals are rallying around chislic because Slick is raising the liberal argument meat has to be cooked to be healthy. Might as well just pick soy burgers. Sheesh.

    P.S. on Saturdays in Gettysburg in the 1970’s, the Legion served the combo of a small boat of Tiger Meat and a beer for a great price. They served me when I was 16 or 17 because my great uncle was down the street playing cards at Gordon’s and my parents lived in Pierre. They considered him my guardian for the day.

    1. Anonymous

      So that explains a few things! You started killing your brain cells at 16, and now listen to you !

  9. Lee Schoenbeck

    Seems Kessler’s tiger meat is being under appreciated here. Isn’t that the South Dakota granddaddy of tiger meat

    1. Miranda Gohn


      Kessler’s is the granddaddy of Tiger Meat at least to my knowledge and when it first came out my uncle introduced it to our family starting a tradition. Good memories!

  10. Troy Jones

    Kessler saw a good thing in Potter County and introduced it to the big city. I hear he encourages Ritz crackers instead of saltines. It’s like cream in coffee.

    1. Miranda Gohn


      Oh! So that is where it started. Interesting. Brought some fresh Tiger Meat to work in Minnesota years ago and everyone was initially put off by it, a few cautiously tried it and just fell in love with it and ironically one big Green Bay Packer fan from Wisconsin who was also a hunter refused to try it.

  11. oldguy

    Years ago I was in a bar in Witten, SD where I first was introduced to Tiger meat. I couldn’t believe how great it was with crackers. I asked the bartender where would they get a tiger to butcher in Witten. True story

  12. Anonymous

    Talk about going down a rabbit hole…

    I believe Pat’s point is we are talking about a state snack…vs the real problems of our state


  13. nonymous

    “Nosh”? Couldn’t say “snack”? I love honoring the high-German from which many SD’s come, but really?

  14. Troy Jones

    Miranda, I am teasing regarding it being from Potter County. It is probably a food eaten since Cain killed Abel and didn’t know what to do with Abel’s cows. And regarding Kesslers, I do remember giving the butcher a hard time for having a pyramid of Ritz by his counter while promoting Tiger Meat. He claimed it wasn’t connected to his department but you have to take what you hear from Aberdonians with more than a pinch of garlic salt.