Yankton County Lincoln Day Dinner tonight

Yankton County is holding it’s Lincoln Day Dinner tonight at JoDeans.

The emcee for the event is Public Utilities Commissioner Chris Nelson who is up for election this year, and Speakers are Attorney General Marty Jackley and State Representative Mark Mickelson who might be up for election in the near future.  🙂

The event is being held at JoDeans with Prime Rib or Shrimp as your menu choices.

5:30 Social Hour; 6:30 Dinner.

6 Replies to “Yankton County Lincoln Day Dinner tonight”

  1. Anonymous

    What happened to the rule counties used to follow that you had to be an announced candidate to speak?

    I hate to say it but Mickelson is just a state legislator from Sioux Falls. Jackley is a statewide office holder.

    I wouldn’t want to pay $30-$50 to hear a legislative update I could hear from Tim Rounds. Just saying these counties need to come up with a reason Mickelson is speaking at their dinner in ’15 and ’16.

    To that I give Mickelson credit for recognizing the importance of the base and grassroots politics. He has shown himself to be the kind of candidate who could potentially run circles around Jackley and Noem because he’s not above anything.