2014 SD Dem Congressional candidate running for Congress in Florida

2014 South Dakota Democrat Congressional candidate Corinna Robinson is apparently a candidate for Congress again. Except, this time she is running in Florida’s 18th congressional district.

In 2014, Robinson ran as a pro-second amendment Democrat against incumbent Congresswoman Kristi Noem, and lost 66.5% to 33.5%.

Robinson is running for the seat currently held by Republican Congressman Brian Mast, who defeated his last Democrat opponent 56% – 41%.

3 thoughts on “2014 SD Dem Congressional candidate running for Congress in Florida”

  1. I am curious on what she ran for in 2020. If you look at her endorsements page, it says Endorsements from 2020.

    1. Nevermind. Found it.

      Campaigned for Florida’s State Senate District 25 in 2020 earning 43% of the votes

      Then I saw this…

      Campaigned as the 2014 candidate for South Dakota’s sole Congressional Representative seat; secured 34% of the votes in 14 months

      Two statements that I wouldn’t put on a website as it doesnt instill much confidence in me.

      1. Good point DR….they show she was a candidate before….but not a good candidate before and especially the out of state reference

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