2014 SD Dem Congressional candidate running for Congress in Florida

2014 South Dakota Democrat Congressional candidate Corinna Robinson is apparently a candidate for Congress again. Except, this time she is running in Florida’s 18th congressional district.

In 2014, Robinson ran as a pro-second amendment Democrat against incumbent Congresswoman Kristi Noem, and lost 66.5% to 33.5%.

Robinson is running for the seat currently held by Republican Congressman Brian Mast, who defeated his last Democrat opponent 56% – 41%.

3 thoughts on “2014 SD Dem Congressional candidate running for Congress in Florida”

    1. Nevermind. Found it.

      Campaigned for Florida’s State Senate District 25 in 2020 earning 43% of the votes

      Then I saw this…

      Campaigned as the 2014 candidate for South Dakota’s sole Congressional Representative seat; secured 34% of the votes in 14 months

      Two statements that I wouldn’t put on a website as it doesnt instill much confidence in me.

      1. Good point DR….they show she was a candidate before….but not a good candidate before and especially the out of state reference

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